Our big predictions for the Red, White & Royal Blue sequel

The gay rom-com is officially renewed for a second film, and here’s what we think will happen to Alex and Henry’s love story

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

The gay rom-com is officially renewed for a second film, and here’s what we think will happen to Alex and Henry’s love story

By Darshita Goyal10 May 2024
5 mins read time
5 mins read time

We have news…or rather, Amazon does. But first things first: is it a coincidence that Nicholas Galitzine fan edits are all over your FYP and he’s contending for the coveted spot of white boy of the month when this big announcement landed online? Is it also a coincidence that the British actor told GQ he feels some “guilt” about playing queer characters as a straight man days before said reveal made headlines? If you already know what we’re talking about and you’re shaking your head right now, you’re right – doubt this was all fate.

For the others, who have somehow managed to steer clear of this news, hold onto your silly, gay rom-com loving hearts because Red, White & Royal Blue has officially been renewed for a fiery sequel. A widely beloved film adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s book of the same name, the movie sees Henry, a closeted British Prince (Galitzine) fall deeply and uncontrollably in love — and lust — with Alex, the son of the US President played by dimpled Taylor Zakhar Perez.

If you need a quick recap on why the movie has such an undying fandom, read our review here. But if like us, you’ve been rewatching the film to quench your thirst for hot sex rom-coms, you may be wondering, what comes next for the couple? After all, there’s no second book so it can’t be an adaptation. While Amazon has revealed director Matthew Lopez and McQuiston will be working on the script for the sequel together, they’ve been tight lipped on the plot, opening up a world of what-ifs.

The announcement also confirmed that Galitzine and Zakhar Perez will be reprising their roles, so we know that the second movie will stay focused on Henry and Alex – frankly, the only couple we care about. Will there be a third person? Will the British royal family disown a gay prince? Will long distance get the better of them? With no release dates in sight, there’s too long a wait time for more deets. So we present you with a temporary fix. We like to think we’re something of creatives ourselves, so we took a stab — or four — at what Red, White & Royal Blue 2 could/should/would be about. Here’s what we have so far:

The Red, White & Royal… Wedding

Let’s be real, while great, the film isn’t known for its plot twists. It thrives on cringe predictability and happily ever afters. In this case, a sequel about the grandest, most royal and never-before-seen wedding, with big questions like “Windsor Castle or White House?” would be frothy, frivolous and on-brand. The point of conflict could be a bachelor party gone wrong or a Bride Wars-style disagreement on the mood of the wedding. Add raunchy make-out scenes at cake tastings and tux fittings, and you have a packed cinema right there.

The Red, White & Royal… Relocation

One foot in the UK, another in the States was never going to work for a couple whose love language is physical intimacy. And yes, they do have private jets at their service but duty also calls. The first film wraps up with Alex wanting to be an active part of his mother’s second term as President and to do more with his Latino heritage. With Henry being a spare to the throne, it would be fun to see the Prince move to Washington. The Yank versus Brits humour was a big takeaway for the fandom, so expect more banter, more cultural resets and Challengers-inspired American hot dog eating scenes. Delish.

The Red, White & Royal… Third Person

The only thing that can make this sequel even hotter than the last film is a new man, might we propose Josh O’Connor as the homewrecker? Nothing too rash, just some light flirting and classic rom-com style misunderstandings — an out of context text message or even better, a hug that lasts too long. A slightly jealous and under-confident Prince, an easily distracted and cheekily charming American… you know how it goes, but you still love it. Bring in some Olivia Rodrigo music and it’s a sealed deal.

The Red, White & Royal… Responsibility

At first glance, Alex and Henry are similar in that they have privilege and power but their personas are vastly different. Tired of public scrutiny, Henry craves anonymity while Alex wants nothing more than to make change. The sequel could see Zakhar-Perez’s character seek a journey of LGBTQIA+ awareness and activism while his partner struggles to raise his voice and stay on board. Imagine Alex on ground and Henry locked away, wanting nothing more than hidden dances in the V&A. Except in the end, there’s a grand, teary-eyed reunion, Henry realises he has to speak up and out loud and the enemies-to-lovers arch continues on, while making the audience feel seen and heard in the midst of unending IRL political unrest.