You can take a pottery thirst trap in Seth Rogen's house - and other great news this week

Plus: a gas that can reverse climate change and the truth about the apocalypse mushroom from 'The Last Of Us'

Hero image in post
photo: Houseplant by Seth Rogen
Hero image in post
photo: Houseplant by Seth Rogen

Plus: a gas that can reverse climate change and the truth about the apocalypse mushroom from 'The Last Of Us'

By Rhys Thomas and Lucy O'Brien04 Feb 2023
7 mins read time
7 mins read time

Congratulations, you’ve completed January. February is here, and it’s short, punctuated by Valentine's Day in the middle, and then it’s March and then spring! Woah, doesn’t time fly. It’s also almost the weekend, and as ever, Team woo has curated all the great, intriguing, and positive news that you’ll actually want to know. So here it is, have a look, tell your mates your new facts and give that feel-good yet in-the-know vibe off.

From potential apocalyptic mushrooms and K-Pop being happy, to a 320-million-year-old brain discovery and Lily Allen’s TikTok-famous house tour, here’s all the things that kept us smiling this week. Enjoy!

People news

adidas Sportswear

Fancy a night in making cool pottery creations with Seth Rogen? Same. Turns out, this isn’t some kind of strange fantasy, but something you can actually do, and only for $42 a night. That’s right, the actor and comedian is literally opening up his home to fans, allowing them to rent the place, do some pottery, and enjoy the pleasure of his presence, all for under $50 a night. King.

Street goes goth? Say less. Jenna Ortega, who you might know as one Wednesday Addams, has been tapped as the global ambassador for a new adidas label named adidas Sportswear, a mash-up of adidas Performance and adidas Originals.

Lily Allen and David Harbour just dropped a house tour and it's giving Grey Gardens meets TikTok twee. The couple's Brooklyn townhouse was chintz galore with 1950s-inspired florals and even a controversial carpeted bathroom - like a Sylvanian Families set, come to life.

Slovenia has officially become the first Eastern European country to legalise same sex marriage and adoption. While the legislation passed in October 2022, 2 February 2023 marked the first day that the law came into effect. Though there is still a long way to go, it's a landmark victory for queer rights in Eastern Europe.

Gird your bank balance: Beyonce is going on tour. That’s right, Queen B is back for a global tour for the first time since 2016's Formation-era. Now we've just got to do battle with our demons (Ticketmaster) in order to see it in person.

Health and wellbeing news

The Bigger Trip, woo

The government has decided to provide an additional £150 million between now and April 2025 for mental health services in the UK. The idea is for the money to be used to build new facilities to support urgent mental health and emergency care services.

Australia is permitting the prescriptive use of MDMA and psilocybin to help those with treatment-resistant mental illnesses. This ruling will come into effect in July, where practitioners will be allowed to prescribe the substances to treat conditions like PTSD and severe depression.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced it’s proposing a change to who can donate blood. They want to make it so that regardless of sexual orientation or gender, people will be able to donate blood on the condition they pass a risk assessment test. It should mean that more MSM (men who have sex with men) will be able to donate blood.

In British Columbia, Canada, drugs are being decriminalised. After battling with the opioid crisis, the Canadian province will is introducing a harm reduction approach and will allow each resident to possess up to 2.5 grams of ecstasy, crack, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl. Rather than arresting those found in possession of these drugs, police officers will offer drug users health service referral cards, encouraging them to seek treatment.

Sister Ginny Wanjiro has been working at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital in London for 20 years, and she has been single-handedly making hospital experiences better for people of colour, in a very simple (yet overlooked) way: providing combs and moisturisers that work for all hair and skin types.

A study by Western University in Ontario, Canada, has discovered that university students who were regularly vaping were more likely to want to cut back after being given proper education on the health risks of vaping. Knowledge is power, then.

Science and nature news

The Simpsons / 20th Century Studios

Biodiversity researchers have developed a drone that can land on trees to take environmental DNA (eDNA) samples from them. This is great for being able to monitor trees and biodiversity, while also figuring out what species of animal live in hard-to-reach areas like rainforests.

Dimethyl sulphide, heard of it? Us neither, but a team of researchers from Nagoya University has found that Arctic sea ice melting causes it to be released (as does phytoplankton). This gas is often called an “anti-greenhouse gas” as it encourages clouds to form above the sea, these block radiation from the sun and therefore keep the sea surface cooler.

A new AI method that’s being used to try and detect alien life has found eight previously undetected “signals of interest”, according to an article in Nature Astronomy. They’re all coming from five different stars relatively near Earth. We don’t know exactly what these signals are yet, but they might mean alien intelligence!

Animal news

JW Anderson

The world’s oldest preserved brain has been discovered by scientists in a Lancashire coal mine, of all places! The brain was found in a fossilised fish which is thought to be a whopping 320 million years old - try putting all those candles on a birthday cake!

Dolphins just keep on getting smarter. Bottlenose dolphins are helping Brazilian fisherman pull in their catches - but why? Well, new research suggests dolphins have adopted the behaviour as a survival instinct and that dolphins in the area who co-hunt with humans may live longer than those who don’t. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em we guess...

Solar panels are friends to the planet in more ways than one: a study has found that their presence in grazing fields actually benefits local sheep. Our woolly friends enjoy the shade that the panels provide, especially during hot summers. Meanwhile, all that shade also helps to sustain more nutritious grass for the sheep to eat – now that's a circular economy we love to see.

The dodo is exiting her flop era is well and truly underway. In perhaps the biggest comeback since Brendan Fraser, this improbable-looking bird may be coming back from her centuries-long retirement. Scientists want to mine the dodo genome in order to place the bird's genetic features into a close relative species. After a quick consultation of Wikipedia, we can tell you that the closest relative is the Nicobar pigeon, so some poor pigeons out there may be up for a major brand overhaul if these researchers have their way. First the JW Anderson clutch and now this? Solidarity with our street pigeon pals!

Fashion news

Heaven x Kiko Kostadinov

Nike just got their blue tick. And no, we’re not talking about a Twitter verification but, rather, they've been graced with a splash of Tiffany & Co's iconic turquoise blue which once fascinated and enthralled Holly Golightly. The two leading brands have finally decided to team up for a collab that fuses youth street style with legacy brand credentials. Vibe check? Passed it.

Be still my beating heart! Marc Jacob’s Heaven line, beloved by bratty TikTokers and nepo babies everywhere, has linked with Kiko Kostadinov. Headed up with a grungy, VHS-look campaign featuring Beabadoobee and Gabriette, the collab blends together the brand DNA of Kiko, Heaven and archival Marc Jacobs. The new gen Tumblr girlies are sure to eat this one up.

Never mind the naysayers, shopping is culture - just ask Saint Laurent. The fashion house is putting up sensual snaps of Chinese youth culture, by Beijing-based photographer Lin Zhipeng, in the brand's Rive Droite stores in LA and Paris.

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