Ultimate last-minute Valentine’s Day buys

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07 Feb 2023
Ultimate last-minute Valentine’s Day buys

Feel-good Valentine’s Day buys to help you spend the day happy, be it with a partner, friends or with yourself

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words Lucy O'Brien

Ah, February 14th – a day all about celebrating the love in your life.. Say what you will about card companies and the commodifcation of love, we adore V-Day. And since we're romantics, we've been planning ahead since January, thinking of the best presents and gestures to gift our lovers and friends.

But if you're more of a last-minute shopper, that doesn't mean that you're any less committed to your loved ones. Maybe gift-giving just isn't your love language or maybe you're not very organised (no shame, we've all been there). Whatever the case, we've pulled together a fuss-free cheat sheet to help you avoid the crowds at your local Westfield and, instead, shop for a perfect prezzie from the comfort of your home - and fast.


Whether it's picking out the very best sex toy or some wholeness wellness treats, we can help you stock up for yourself, a partner or a friend for Valentine's Day and beyond.


Healing Patches

Healing Patches

Ross J. Barr


Let’s face it, Valentine's can be a painful and anxious day for some, especially if you’re recovering from the end of a past relationship (or situationship). Switch off your phone, put on your favourite playlist and apply these healing patches. Developed by Ross J. Barr, a leading acupuncture specialist, the healing patches are designed for maintenance of minor aches and pains, and can even be used to help ease period cramps. Simply attach a patch to an area where you want pain relief, and soak up the essential oils that help you to relax.

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