How to get Peggy Gou’s laidback Berlin apartment

2 mins
26 Jan 2023
Peggy Gou surrounded by homewares

The DJ’s sleek, modern apartment is where she chills out and unwinds

image Team Woo

words Sophie Lou Wilson

When you have a lifestyle as fast-paced as Peggy Gou, a calming space to call home is essential. The South Korean DJ’s routine is packed with late nights and world travel, but even if your own schedule isn’t quite as intense, your home can still be a visually appealing sanctuary. It’s important to have an environment where you can chill out and unwind when life gets stressful.

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Gou’s Berlin home is where she feels, “safe and chilled.” She told German furniture company, Freifrau that “Being home means being able to truly relax and be myself in my own personal space.” Filled with modernist furniture, books, records and art by her friends, it’s a true creative space. It even has its own recording studio. If Gou had time to save just a couple of things from the apartment she’d choose her studio and record collection.

With tall windows providing lots of natural light, the modern apartment feels calm yet full of character. Soft blue and green tones add to the relaxed mood. Whether you go to a different DJ set every weekend or would rather spend Friday nights chilled out on the sofa, here’s how to recreate the laidback, creative atmosphere of Peggy Gou’s space.


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