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10 Oct 2022

Your go-to space for when you're feeling productive and focussed on getting your shit together.

POV: It's a Sunday evening, and you're laying in bed wondering how on earth to recover from the weekend you've just had. Tomorrow's Monday - new week, new you. It's time to get your shit together. Introducing Reset: your daily digest of ways to reboot, re-inspire and regenerate. Looking to get out of a slump? Check out our round up of ways to help boost your productivity. And that's not all.

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We've located the best, weirdest and most wonderful ways to feel energised. Whether you're forever chasing after the ultimate energising sounds to get you out of bed in the morning or new yoga classes to try out, we've got you. Why not try something new? Our sound healing series higher frequencies offers a sonic introduction to achieving that ever-elusive sense of calm. We know what it's like to be searching for new ways to boost your mood but having no clue where to start. That's why we've tried trends like celebrity lifestyle bootcamps and energy-boosting vitamin injections so you don't have to (or do, if you like what you see!)


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