Introducing: Feel Good Friday

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25 Nov 2022
Introducing: Feel Good Friday

What’s this Feel Good Friday all about then? Well you know Black Friday? It's like that, but it's just so much better

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Uh-oh! The annual Black Friday Discourse™ has returned! It’s the most wonderful time of year for being told not to buy things even though those things are cheaper than usual. Low vibrational times on the timeline.

Don’t worry, we’ve a different story to tell. A cheat code to halt the naysayers, a bit of nuance for the conversation. And it all comes down to one thing: Mindfulness. See, the idea of wastefulness is bad, of course. That’s as obvious as some businesses not being as lovely as others. But we also know that buying, owning, and gifting nice stuff is, well, nice.

There’s actual scientific studies that back it. This study from 2013 found that making purchase decisions reduces residual sadness, as making decisions helps with feeling in control and as though you have autonomy, which can be empowering. Apparently it works whether you choose to buy or not buy something. In 2011, another study found that buying things improves mood for quite a long time, and that customers tend not to end up with negative emotions or guilt.

Given that psychologically, there’s quite a lot of benefit to buying things, the question becomes how do we elevate our mood (and wardrobe) responsibly? And an answer is the specifically-curated load of goods in our very own marketplace. Things you’ll like, things your friends will like, all tried, tested and approved of by the Woo team. The products are full of climate-positive credentials too. So it’s like a shop, but everything is there to make you feel good. No more having to become a detective just to know whether the hair oil is cruelty-free or not.

So with all this in mind, why don’t we simply turn Black Friday into a Feel Good Friday? If you’re in the market for new beauty products, clothes, sex toys, and more, at a discount, make them “good beauty products, clothes, sexy toys, and more”. Easy. Holistically good, that is. Things that taste, feel, smell, look, and sound good yes, but also things that are sustainable, responsible, accessible, cruelty-free, well-made, and able to help us feel good at large. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And it’s not even all about purchasing. In fact, clinical psychologist Dr Scott Bea has said dopamine is released “before you make a purchase as you’re delighting in all the possibilities”, so window shopping can feel good too. Plus, if you’re imagining you smelling that MIRROR WATER fragrance and wearing that vintage cosy knit from Nordic Poetry, you’re visualising. A proven therapeutic technique. So have a browse, enjoy, feel good, no purchase necessary.

Products are selected independently by our editors from the Woo online store, a carefully curated platform for feel good fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle, as well as externally. Discover more here.

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