What to wear with this season’s corset trend

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14 Oct 2022
What to wear with this season’s corset trend

From layering to low-rise, here’s how to style this season’s hottest underwear as outerwear trend

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Corsets can be controversial. They gained a bad rep thanks to tales of Victorian women fainting and even displacing organs by cinching them so tightly, becoming a symbol of how fashion could be used to oppress women. Now, however, designers – including Knwls, Ottolinger, and Dilara Findikoglu – are reimagining the corset as a symbol of power and protection rather than restriction.

Aided by It-girls like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid who have helped propel the trend into the mainstream, corsets have broken out from their restraints. They are no longer just undergarments or reserved for daring on-stage style moments, but have started to slip into our everyday wardrobes too.

The right corset – much like the right bra – can help you feel strong and supported, as long as it fits well and is designed with comfort in mind. However, the fact that corsets have historically been undergarments, means that working out what to wear with them can be tricky, especially during colder months when going outside in what’s essentially just underwear could leave you literally freezing your tits off.

Below, we’ve rounded up some key styling options for corsets, taking cues from runway fashion and street style then reworking them for the everyday wardrobe. From printed denim to playful accessories, cargo pants to micro minis, these versatile pieces can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe as well as making perfect pairings for this season’s corsets.


Antonia Mini Bag

Antonia Mini Bag



A mini bag that goes with everything. Sometimes you want to put fashion before function. Continue the aristocratic classy vibe and accessorise your corset with Shrimps' iconic Antonia cream pearl mini bag to take elegance to the max.


Vintage Just Cavalli Tiger Printed Jeans

Vintage Just Cavalli Tiger Printed Jeans

Nordic Poetry

Make a ferocious statement with Just Cavalli’s iconic 00s mid-rise denim from Bella Hadid-approved vintage reseller, Nordic Poetry. Just Cavalli is a Y2K fav and these jeans embody their high glam meets comfy casual aesthetic. Style with a plain black corset to let the trousers do all the talking.


Nana millefiori glass & gold-filled necklace

Nana millefiori glass & gold-filled necklace


Founded by two childhood friends, Éliou’s playful jewellery counts Harry Styles and Justin Bieber among its fans. Most corsets leave your neck bare so it’s calling out for fun decoration. Childlike charms are an influencer fave and they’re perfect for lightening the tone of even the most serious high fashion outfits. Baroque pearls finish this piece with a touch of luxury.


White Collar Wind Shirt

White Collar Wind Shirt


You may think that corsets aren’t office-appropriate, but try layering one over a white shirt for a versatile workwear look. If a full corset still feels like a bit much, opt for a wide corset belt over a shirt instead. Nanamica’s take on the classic white shirt is cut from a cotton-blend broadcloth in Japan. Punctuate its oversized silhouette with a stylish corset or belt.

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