Your essential guide to homeware gifts

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01 Dec 2022
Your essential guide to homeware gifts

From vibey cushion covers to DIY pottery, give these presents to make the houseproud among us happy

image Houseplant by Seth Rogan

words Lucy O'Brien

There’s nothing better than a gift that not only makes you feel good, but gets put to use. The realm of homeware is such a fun one to explore – not only can you play with colour and different degrees of practicality, you can also tailor the vibe of your purchase to the personality of whoever you’re gifting for. How thoughtful of you. Luckily enough, the product selections here at woo have something for everyone.

For the bold and daring among your loved ones, our range of trippy homewares are far from shy. Think brightly-coloured, smiley face cushion covers and eclectic, surrealist prints – you’ll be wanting to visit our friends over at Wavey Casa or Blanc Prints for that. Then again, you can’t beat the simple and elegant option. From neutral, sculpted vases (including some that you can make yourself!) to soothing potted plants, we’ve got everything they’d need to achieve the clean aesthetic.

Discover our curated list of serotonin-spiking homewares designed to uplift, revitalise and transform any living space. We wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to snap up something for yourself while you’re here…


The Maan Print

The Maan Print

The Brown Hues


Created by Lagos-born, UK-based visual artist and engineer Theresa Olloh, The Brown Hues is a collection of artworks inspired by Theresa’s love of design, travel, culture and lived experiences. Grab one before they sell out!

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