Old cats, old dogs, charity football tops, and brown noise, that’s just some of the good news this week.

The last Friday of the second-last month of the year, woah. Hope you have some Vitamin D and a lovely weekend, get some outdoors! To line up for the weekend ahead, here’s a nice list of things that have happened across the week. Enjoy!

Hero image in post
photo: Burberry x Minecraft
Hero image in post
photo: Burberry x Minecraft

The last Friday of the second-last month of the year, woah. Hope you have some Vitamin D and a lovely weekend, get some outdoors! To line up for the weekend ahead, here’s a nice list of things that have happened across the week. Enjoy!

By Rhys Thomas25 Nov 2022
5 mins read time
5 mins read time

Science news

The US has produced more energy using renewables than coal for the first time. Perhaps Santa needed the coal, either way, it’s very good for showing we can become renewably-sustained. Santa probably uses electric really.

Universal flu vaccine coming soon, maybe. It’s thanks to the University of Pennsylvania, who have used technology developed during production of the Pfizer and Moderna covid-19 vaccines which seems to be able to target all twenty known strains of influenza A and B (the ones we usually get this time of year).

[Lab-grown adrenal glands](https://www.newscientist.com/article/2347987-lab-grown-adrenal-glands-could-help-treat-hormone-related-conditions/

) might be able to help hormone-related conditions. Found in human kidneys, they produce many critical hormones. The breakthrough might be especially useful for conditions including polycystic ovary syndrome and high blood pressure. The findings need refining, but it’s a promising start.

What if we just de-extinct animals? Woolly mammoths are a nice nice vibe. A cosy elephant, sort of. Who wouldn’t want to have a little IRL chat with Manny from Ice Age? Exactly. Anyway, there’s a chance we could just bring animals back from extinction thanks to advances in gene editing. It might be good for preserving animals, and maybe helping biodiversity.

In wellness...

Short term memory loss isn’t necessarily a bad thing… What were we saying? Oh yeah, basically it has been found that forgetting ultimately leads to stronger, more accessible memories. It’s to do with the desire to remember being stronger.

“Identifying and appreciating birds and other wildlife seems a promising avenue for nature-based health and wellbeing interventions.” According to a study from the journal Science. It finds that this is because humans lived in natural environments for ages. However, you may have known that. What is interesting, is that being around birds specifically (probably not the seagulls that want to steal your chips but maybe) is useful for wellbeing. Tweet that.

Brown noise is like white noise but it’s a bit different. It’s a low-frequency noise, examples include strong winds, thunder, the ocean, river currents and heavy rain. They’re all good for sleep as they can create an immersive experience, improve focus, and reduce intrusive thoughts.

**Culturally... **

Spanish footballer Hector Bellerín is not at the World Cup this year, but he’s still grabbing the headlines. That’s because he’s modelling a football top made by GOLF WANG, Tyler the Creator’s brand. It’s beautiful, he’s beautiful. Back of the net.

Cher’s written the foreword for this ‘literary and visual’ compendium of the dancefloor called: On The Dancefloor. Which includes words from Charli XCX, and is being published by A24. A big pretty beautiful book about dancing. Lovely.

That’s right, the kings of street join forces with the kings of exploration once more. It’s out now, Supreme x North Face. What more is there to say.

This one’s for the gamers. Iconic fashion brand Burberry have just released their first-of-its-kind capsule collaboration with Minecraft. In this trippy universe of pixelated reality, the campaign goes hand-in-hand with Minecraft’s latest release of its new adventure game. From bucket hats to hoodies, players can access playful (yet designer) clothing designed for adventure and exploration.

Good people news

A group of young climate activists and models in Lagos, Nigeria have used fashion to turn people’s attention to environmental pollution. They designed and modelled outfits made out of waste, reporting that the city makes at least 12,000 metric tons of waste daily.

Belgium has passed legislation that will officially ban the practice conversion therapy – finally. In a country that is praised globally for its support of LGBTQ+ communities, the fact that conversion therapy wasn’t already illegal might come as a surprise. As it turns out, political campaigners have been fighting for this long neglected piece of legislative change, and thankfully, the law is now catching up.

A bunch of artists have come together to re-imagine football t-shirts from teams in this year's shady World Cup. The proceeds will go to charities working to help migrant workers.

She used to call him on his cellphone, now she might be able to meet him at Luna Luna art carnival, if she wants. That’s because Aubery Drake Graham (the Canadian rapper who goes by his middle name) is reportedly investing $100m into Luna Luna, an art theme park which was open for three months in Hamburg, Germany, and designed with help from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dalí, Philip Glass, Keith Haring, David Hockney and Roy Lichtenstein.

Finally, some Animal news

Flossie is from South London and if she was a human, and not a cat, she’d be 120. In cat years she’s 26, which makes her the oldest cat ever.

Oh come onnnn we couldn’t just cater to the cat lovers. We also had an oldest doggo this week. Gino lives in Southern California, he’s a 22 year old Chihuahua.

Electric waves have helped to stop sharks being caught by 90%, it works a bit like a lighthouse for sharks. They realise they should divert course when near it, meaning people can ensure sharks don’t accidentally end up in nets.

And that's that for this week! See you soon.