The best candles to light your wintery room

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05 Dec 2022
The best candles to light your wintery room

Unique, comforting and meeting all your cosy season requirements - here are the best candles to check out now

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words Lucy O'Brien

Winter isn't just coming, it's here. The days are getting shorter while nights are becoming darker and longer, and so comes the welcome return of our staying-in era. Yes, we will be raising a glass to party season, but for the majority of us, most of our time in the coming months will be spent happily wrapped up indoors, embracing all the cosy vibes winter has to offer. But it wouldn’t be a proper night-in without the right ambiance: I’m talking the best candles, to light up your home.

Choosing the right candle scent to set the vibe of your winter sanctuary can be a hard task. Gone are the days of fresh lemon, pink sands or morning breeze; we want smoky, warming, broody and mysterious. We want to feel warm and toasty while we immerse ourselves in the comforting, dark aesthetics of Twilight or Wednesday. Well, our carefully curated list of wintery candles are here to deliver just that.

From Christmas-inspired aromas filled with chai and cinnamon to the more earthy feels of bergamot and patchouli, we’ve got something for everyone. While our friends over at Wavey Casa have fun and unique candles ready to sit proudly on your bookshelf, other brands like Holistic London create candles filled with wellness-oriented ingredients that not only set the mood, but help to boost it. Be it a gift for yourself or someone you love, you can simply never go wrong with a candle.

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