Cosy autumn homewares for your staying in era

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14 Nov 2022
Cosy autumn homewares for your staying in era

Because going out is out and staying in is in

words Sophie Lou Wilson

There’s no getting around it. The autumn leaves might look pretty, but the days are getting darker and the temperatures are dropping. Two months ago the thought of going out was delightful. Now, you look out the window at the dark and rain, hoping that your friends will cancel your plans so you can stay in.

Cosy cafes and pubs look welcoming from the outside, but then you think about having to trudge back home in the cold realising you just spent half your savings on overpriced pints and festive lattes. Let’s face it, you’d rather stay at home. We’re in our staying in era and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you’re spending more time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to do those interior updates you’ve been thinking about for ages but have been too busy to do. Why not spend the money you’ve saved from fewer nights out on a fancy candle or soft wool blanket? Staying in can be just as luxurious as going out.

The Danish call it hygge, the “quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality” that can come from candles, blankets, fireplaces and piping hot cups of tea. It has proven effects on our mood and wellbeing and can even combat some of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Embrace the cosy season with our round-up of the best autumn homewares to make the perfect hibernation space, from lavender scented neck pillows to luxurious soy wax candles.

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