it’s a barbiecore world, here’s how to live like it

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18 Jul 2023
Margot Robbie as Barbie

Because Barbie’s more than a doll, she’s a lifestyle

image Barbie, 2023, Heyday Films

words Sophie Lou Wilson

Barbie week has finally arrived, strutting into our lives in its hot pink kitten heels. So, get your tickets, gather your besties and curate those barbiecore ‘fits. While excitement is at an all time high for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, which hits cinemas this Friday, Barbie exists well beyond the big screen. She’s an energy, a vibe, a lifestyle. She’s everything.

And the best, quickest, most effective way to get the Barbie look? In pink, of course. Now, we know pink isn’t the only way to channel Barbie. Plus, Ken is a fashion legend in his own right.But if you want to truly get in the Barbie mood then there’s no better way than by embracing the colour pink, in all its hyper-feminine, sickly sweet, Pepto Bismol glory.

Psychologically speaking, pink can evoke positive feelings of playfulness and nostalgia. Soft pinks are associated with love and tenderness while hot pink expresses self-assuredness and vibrancy. Yet the colour is often unfairly maligned, mostly down to its associations with hyper-femininity, but that’s what makes reclaiming it feel radical. Pink has always been more than just pretty.

Rumour has it that Margot Robbie made everyone on the Barbie set wear pink every Wednesday or else donate money to charity. And, really, who can blame her when pink has so many feel good qualities? Below, we round up some of the best barbiecore fashion and beauty to treat yourself to when the post-cinema inspiration hits.

rose-tinted glasses

Pink Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Pink Heart Shaped Sunglasses



Baby, put on heart-shaped sunglasses ‘cause we’re gonna take a ride (in Barbie’s Corvette, of course.) Barbie’s wardrobe is replete with designer accessories and these vintage Loewe shades are about as on brand as it gets. Wear them and see the world unfurl through rose-tinted glasses.

in the bag

Shayna Pink + Red Market Bag

Shayna Pink + Red Market Bag



Fun, sustainable and durable, these bags are handmade in Mexico using recycled plastic – we promise no Barbies were harmed in the process! This cute mini bag comes in a checkerboard pink and red woven print, designed and developed by skilled weavers in the Oaxaca region within a fairtrade environment.

princess barbie

Sakura Necklace

Sakura Necklace

Gimme Gold


The 2004 cinematic masterpiece, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, should have won an Oscar tbh. It was robbed, but you can channel its luxurious Barbie style in this regal piece of jewellery that’s perfect for your inner princess. This necklace features a candy pink teardrop gemstone surrounded by sparkling crystals set in a solid gold plated base.

you can brush my hair

Soho Pink Popbrush Ultimate Soft Bristle Hair Brush

Soho Pink Popbrush Ultimate Soft Bristle Hair Brush



Barbie’s luscious blonde locks are iconic, but they require some care to stay so shiny and sleek. With kind to your hair soft bristles, Pop Brush’s hot pink hair brush is the ultimate detangler, perfect for thick and thin hair as well as extensions.

stay hydrated

marshmallow pink metal water bottle with sports cap

marshmallow pink metal water bottle with sports cap



How does Barbie's skin look so good? Well, she's made of plastic, first of all, but if you want to have a chance at achieving such smooth, shiny skin then staying hydrated is key. Take this marshmallow pink metal water bottle with you everywhere to make sure you drink enough water on the go.

it's not a bag, it's a baguette!

Pink Baguette in Monogram Wallet on Chain with Gold Hardware

Pink Baguette in Monogram Wallet on Chain with Gold Hardware



No Barbie look is complete without a pink handbag. This Fendi baguette is the hyperfemme Y2K statement of your dreams. Just remember to pack your lipgloss.

get all the gloss

plumped AF lipgloss

plumped AF lipgloss

Lottie London


Get the ultimate pink glossy lips with Lottie London's Plumped AF lipgloss, plumping lips for maximum hydration. Swipe across your lips for a plumper looking pout with a yummy scented flavour and no stickiness.

good hair days

Wavvy - Hair Claw

Wavvy - Hair Claw



Feel pretty in pink with Teapsy's wavy pink hair clip. Use it to clip your hair back on bad hair days or to make good hair days even better.

mercury retrograde

OMG Mercury's in Retrograde Candle

OMG Mercury's in Retrograde Candle

Maison MM


OMG mercury's in retrograde! Nothing bad ever really happens in Barbie land, but when it does, the planets are probably to blame rather than any more nefarious forces being at play. This is the perfect candle for anyone feeling the chaos of Mercury in Retrograde. It also makes the perfect gift for a friend who is in need of some grounding during the retrograde mayhem, as well as having a chic, pink aesthetic.

biking barbie

Let's Go Short 4"

Let's Go Short 4"



This Barbie is riding a bike. High performance meets high style with these Varley Let's Go bike shorts in a gorgeous pink snake print are supportive yet breathable and perfect for an intense workout, or as part of your everyday look.

future nostalgia

Brooks Bag - Fuchsia

Brooks Bag - Fuchsia



Shrimps' fuchsia beaded bag is the stuff of childhood fashion daydreams. The oversized bubble-like pink beads give it a cartoonish look, perfect for channelling Barbie's personal style.

strawberry skincare



My Olivanna


Olivanna's Strawberry Seed Moisturiser smells divine. It packs the perfect balance of rich moisturising properties into a lightweight, everyday formula. Skin is left feeling soothed, hydrated and glowing day after day.

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