The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Shopping List

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16 Nov 2022
The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Shopping List

CBD oil, meditation guides, SAD lamps, and more – these are the products to help you stress less

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words Heather Gwyther

Unless you were born unflustered and have miraculously continued as such into adulthood, anxiety is an inevitable part of life, and who can blame us? There’s a lot to be stressed about right now, from climate change to COVID, first dates to how (or if) to acknowledge someone you vaguely know in public – the list is endless. You might also feel anxious for no particular reason at all; that’s the thing about emotions, they don’t always follow a rational pattern.

Wherever yours come from and however they manifests, you still deserve peace of mind. It might not happen instantly, but there are things that can help you ride out waves of worry; products aimed at soothing the mind and boosting your mood. Behold, Woo’s anti-anxiety shopping list…


Vitamin L SAD Therapy Light

Vitamin L SAD Therapy Light



If you let the short and gloomy days of winter make you want to socialise less and sleep more, Lumie has a solution: Vitamin L. This portable SAD light enables you to do light therapy anywhere. Just 30 minutes in its presence daily is what’s recommended for a sustained mood boost throughout the colder months.






Journaling can be immensely useful. You can journal to track your emotions and become more aware of your moods. With perseverance, this can lead to a reduction in anxiety over time.


Nebulising Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Kit

Nebulising Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Kit

Clarity Blend


Technology meets nature meets aromatherapy in this diffuser, which can create the perfect home sanctuary. It has scent intensity controls and ambient LED lights. It also comes with two pure essential oil blends from Clarity Blend. Who says home can’t feel like a spa retreat!

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