10 products to make studying that little bit easier

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29 Aug 2023
10 products to make studying that little bit easier

From journals to study supplements, here's all the good stuff you need to stress less and shine more

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Even if your memories of school are fading like dying autumn leaves, the change of seasons probably still reminds you of shopping for school supplies. Yes, there's a chill in the air now and mornings smell like the first day of school again. The start of the academic year is a time for resolutions and renewed focus, wherever you are now. It's like a second January where you can check in with all your frenzies new year's goals that might have fallen by the wayside during the heady days of high summer.

Of course, buying new study supplies is one thing, but staying focused is another thing entirely. Whether you're going back to uni, studying for an exam or working on an important project, creating the right environment for focus can be pivotal to your success.

Sticky notes, headphones, and uninterrupted WiFi all comes in handy, but we’ve got some more considered shopping tips and tricks to level up your study vibes. From cosy hoodies to burrow away in to supplements that boost your brain power, we’ve got you covered.

light a candle

Pegwell Candle

Pegwell Candle



Set the right tone for studying with Haeckels' Pegwell Candle. Inspired by Kent's Pegwell Bay, it evokes unkempt nature, hollow stemmed wild fennel and a heady fragrance of birch, juniper and vetiver. The wild fennel, grasses and salt were collected on on a sunny 23rd July in 2014.

zone in

zone in gummies 30 day supply

zone in gummies 30 day supply

Dose Labs


Imagine how incredible it’d be if there was one quick fix to improve focus, energy and mood regulation. Well, Dose Lab's Zone In gummies will give you that smart boost. Their formula includes panax ginseng, green tea, zinc and l-tyrosine in a zingy, sour raspberry gummy to target everything from brain function to alertness.




Wavey Casa


A boost of serotonin never goes amiss when you’re trying to get your head down, and this smiley face rug in candy pink provides a quick little boost. Smiling promotes good vibes, says science.

let it flow

Free Flow Journal/Notebook

Free Flow Journal/Notebook

Note and Shine


It may sound old fashioned, but sometimes you really do just need to put pen to paper – Note and Shine certainly got the memo. With room for writing down your thoughts, making lists and tracking deadlines, your life is about to become a whole lot more organised – we are here for it.

sip it up

olive green insulated metal bottle

olive green insulated metal bottle



It's important to stay hydrated, no matter how hard you're working. Don’t worry, this 700ml insulated metal water bottle is cute enough to make you want to keep drinking. With its matching straw cap with spout and ability to keep liquids hot or cold, it’s ideal for those last minute library dashes. Stay hydrated people.

wake up and smell the coffee

Coffee Super Blend Pouch

Coffee Super Blend Pouch



Coffee can be a game changer when you need to knuckle down. Experience all-day-long energy without the jitters and crashes of normal coffee, support your immune system health and improve focus with DIRTEA's Coffee. It's a blend of 100% Arabica Coffee, with 1,000mg of Lion's Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps together with Ashwagandha and Maca. With up to 80% less caffein than a normal cup of coffee, you'll be left feeling calm, focused and ready for the day ahead.

keep your calm

Calm Patches

Calm Patches

Ross J. Barr


Stress less and stay calm with Ross J. Barr's specially formulated calm patches to help support and maintain the relief of headaches, stress, tension, brain fog and neck pain. They also remedy the stagnation of thoughts and soothe frustration and agitation. These small and discreet patches get to work straight away to target everyday stresses.

better focus

Focus and Elevate Mushroom Blend

Focus and Elevate Mushroom Blend



Better focus. Better mood. Better energy. This Lion's Mane enhanced nootropic blend is uplifting and energising to help focus your mind naturally with no fear of a caffeine crash. It's formulated with Lion's Mane, Maca Root, Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B. Plus, it tastes like mango which just makes it even better.

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