How to host your parents as an adult

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03 Aug 2023
How to host your parents as an adult

Everything that you need to present like a fully functioning adult, at least for a little while

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After successfully surviving another day at work (yay!), you pop a quick-bake double margherita into the oven and grab a can of Diet Coke – the perfect high-on-carbs treat for some well deserved me time. As usual, the kitchen smells like burnt pecans from that one time last year when you baked pecan pie, and the nuts spilled onto the bottom of the oven. You make a mental note to clean it next weekend, same as you have for the last seven months, but hey, life is hard and we can’t catch ‘em all so don’t sweat it.

Sprawled on the sofa, you wait for the oven timer to go off while revenge scrolling on Reddit. From the corner of your eye, you spot a little spider web building near the window, but does it even exist if you don’t acknowledge it? Back to that subred! Din-din’s ready in 20, give yourself a pat on the back for “cooking”, and rinse and repeat for the next week. Life is not bad, in fact it’s pretty good – there’s even extra toilet paper and garbage bags in the storage. Who says living away from home is hard?

This blissful denial rings true until that fateful day when the parents decide to come by. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday or a wedding and your flatshare is right around the corner. Maybe they just want to see how their little pumpkin is living, no, thriving on their own. Maybe they want to taste all that delicious, rich in fibre, healthy food you’ve been claiming to cook. Maybe they’re going to find all that undone laundry shoved under your bed and say “pack your bags, we’re going home”. Maybe they’re going to see the bathroom light flicker and say, “you should have learnt how to change a bulb when I told you.”

Okay, breathe. It’s not as bad as it sounds. They don’t have to know that you don’t have fresh fruit or milk in your fridge, or that your cactus died two months ago and you forgot to throw out the carcass. If they never see it, they will never know ("no face, no case" as they say). It’s truly all about the presentation and if there’s one thing young people excel in, it’s ~ curation ~. Just place all the right things before their eyes and they’ll not only believe, but also congratulate you, for being a fully functioning adult.

Bring out a vase with sweet-smelling flowers; only real grown-ups have the time to change the water every two days and nip off the droopy buds. Also pin a faux grocery list to the fridge door and scribble all sorts of veggies on there, extra points for spinach and kale. To help you on this journey of make-belief, we’ve curated a list full of beautiful (and unsuspicious) things that scream adulting. Happy shapeshifting!

another living thing

Fiddle Leaf Fig and Chalk Broadway Pot

Fiddle Leaf Fig and Chalk Broadway Pot

Leaf Envy


Look mum, I keep myself alive and feed a whole other breathing, blooming buddy. This fiddle leaf plant with a classic white pot is giving plush green goodness. Once the fam has left the building, pawn it off on your plant-loving bestie and say it’s a gift. There’s a win-win.

swimming in money

I Am Rich Soy Candle

I Am Rich Soy Candle

Brûler Candles


Nothing says adult like a posh scented candle and this one by Brûler actually spells it out, too. It’s made of vegan soy wax, so you’re not just thinking about yourself but also the betterment of the world when you buy it. Don’t forget to mention that the fragrance is black fig and vetiver; so fancy that it practically rolls off your tongue like caviar.

dinner party

Check Tableware

Check Tableware



Made from luxe merino wool, this chequered tableware set is chic enough to fit into your home while still impressing the parents. It comes with two placemats, coasters and even cutlery holders to ensure the fork and knife never touch the table. A subtle reminder that you host people for supper and ensure it’s always in style.

art collector

Line Man Art Print A3

Line Man Art Print A3

The Brown Hues


No more blurry posters of that very hot singer. Insert: sophisticated, high quality art prints. Few people understand abstract art but those who do seriously have their life together, and this line man art piece looks like it’s come straight from the gallery. Maybe hang it over that beer stain from New Years Eve to serve as the perfect cover up.

no rings or spills

Marble' Coaster Set

Marble' Coaster Set

Müll Club


This isn’t a frat house where people drink straight out of the bottle. You serve your guests in special glassware and each person gets their own coaster too. This marble-glazed set made from recycled plastic is perfect to make sure no one has too much fun and leaves any rings on the table. :)

dry your hands

Cotton Hand Towel Set of 2 - Blue Clouds

Cotton Hand Towel Set of 2 - Blue Clouds



Of course you don’t just wipe your hands on the side of your pants after washing them — you have dedicated towels for that. Hang these cotton towels, with a dreamy cloud print, by the basin so your parents know it too. You can also buy the matching bath towel for a uniform, put-together look.

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