watch: how to use your tech responsibly, time after time

2 mins
08 Dec 2022
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we hear from Virgin Media O2’s Youth Advisory Council on how we can use our tech to make the world greener and cleaner

words Team Woo

The climate crisis is looming and we all want to be able to do our bit to save the world, by adapting our habits to make our lives that much greener and cleaner.

We understand the need to reduce plastics, so we drink from paper or metal straws and carry re-useable water bottles. We also get that meat and dairy production can impact the planet, so we flex our diets to go plant-based or flexitarian. We also know fashion’s impact on the globe’s resources, so we buy second hand and pre-loved, re-up old outfits, look after the clothes we do have and think smart about the investments we make in new items.

Tech also has a role to play in the circular economy - the giving back to the world that we get so much from - and this video details ways you can, time and again, use your phone to help people and planet. Recycling, refurbing and rehoming our phones when we’re done with them can keep vital tech components whirring along, rather than cluttering our drawers and contributing to landfill.

But don’t just hear it from us, check out our time after time video where members of Virgin Media O2’s Youth Advisory Council explain the importance of putting tech into the circular economy and, most usefully, tell you how to get involved.

This video has been brought to you in partnership with Virgin Media O2, working to reimagine connectivity to make the business better for people and the planet through its Better Connections Plan.

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