Your feel-good guide to Ibiza

Parties, pampering, breathtaking sunsets and reckless abandon, here's everything to do in the raucous Mediterranean island.

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

Parties, pampering, breathtaking sunsets and reckless abandon, here's everything to do in the raucous Mediterranean island.

By Declan McGlynn26 May 2024
19 mins read time
19 mins read time

Ibiza is many things to many people. As much a raucous party island with the world’s best clubs as it is a zen paradise with some of Europe’s best chillout spots. In the 1960s hippies flocked to Ibiza, claiming its magnetic and magical aura drew them to the Mediterranean island. Many stuck around and the counterculture vibe they brought with them eventually led to Ibiza becoming a place of reckless abandon, where real life was left behind and for a brief moment, you could become anything and anyone you wanted.

Fast forward 60 years and Ibiza still represents that sense of liberation, despite the luxury high-rises that have come to dominate its coastlines with price tags to match.

It’s not all about sunrise finishes – the original hippies who made Ibiza home also brought a focus on zen and calm, where magical sunsets, beautiful hikes and stunning beaches can wash away your troubles without the need to spend €15 on a Coronita.

Whether you’re partying or pampering, Ibiza’s ethereal sense of freedom has seen the island survive many fundamental transformations and remain one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

But with such a huge range of restaurants, bars, clubs, spas and activities for a wide array of budgets, and so many hidden gems tucked away from the usual resort spots, it can be hard to know where to start for your first trip to the White Isle. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to the woo Guide to Ibiza.

Where to eat

Dining at Maine Ibiza


Tucked to the side of Ibiza’s famous salt flats about 10 minutes from the old town by cab, MAINE is set in the gardens of a stunning converted finca. Absolutely perfect for your first night on the island, it’s guaranteed to bring the wow factor before a single dish is served. There’s a sense of hushed calm among the candles and low lighting, and servers are equally tranquil as they float around tables, recommending wines and food with quiet confidence. The menu is diverse enough for veggies and vegans – try their trademark chargrilled artichoke hearts – and features local cuisine from around the island and neighbouring Formentera. The grilled octopus on black olive tapenade is a highlight.

San Miguel's Sundown Experience at Hostal La Torre

Hostal La Torre

Hostal La Torre is one of the island’s most iconic sunset spots. Part hotel, part restaurant, part Balearic institution, its DJs play a range of chillout, slow-mo disco, jazz, folk and dub, as the sun dips into the Med directly in front of its terrace. Applause rings out as sunset fades into night and the magical spot takes on a new energy, as cocktails begin to flow. Food-wise, it’s a perfect blend of chic simplicity and fresh ingredients, from the steamed mussels to the black angus entrecote and watermelon and avocado salad. Why not try San Miguel's Sundown Experience, which features a bespoke welcome cocktail, a range of tapas exploring flavours from the Med that are specifically chosen to pair with the iconic beer? A perfect way to roll into the evening and an excellent option to enjoy with a group of pals before hitting the dancefloor. In fact, we love to pair dinner at La Torre with a night out at Pikes, which is just down the road. More on that later.

House of Wow Dining Room Ibiza
House of Wow

House of Wow

House of Wow sprung up near Santa Getrudis in the centre of the island a few years ago and has slowly been building a reputation as one of the island’s top day and night spots. It combines a bar, restaurant, boutique and lush garden in a stylish industrial setting that’s a mix between a DTLA art gallery and a luxury London penthouse. Prices are much fairer than you might expect in Ibiza given it’s slightly off the beaten tourist track, but the quality remains high, especially the wine selection. Try a bottle of the Clos Lojen – it pairs perfectly with the lamb picaña. Why not head to the boutique post-meal to pick up a designer item, artwork and prints, kaftans, rugs and homeware, limited edition coffee table books and much more. Once you arrive at Wow, you won’t want to leave.


View from Petunia Ibiza
View from the Petunia terrace

Hotel and restaurant Petunia is tucked away near Cala D’Hort in the southwest of the island. But no matter where you’re staying it’s worth the cab ride, if only for the views of Ibiza’s iconic rock Es Vedra. Dinner and drinks at sunset overlooking the magical micro-island that sticks out of the sea like an ominous asteroid is an unforgettable experience. People say Es Vedra’s magnetic aura is what brought people to Ibiza for millennia and whether you believe the myths or not, it undoubtedly has a special quality that sprinkles some extra zen on an already blissful visit to Petunia. The classic spicy marg tastes extra picante in Es Vedra’s shadow, while the line-caught hake with zucchini spaghetti cools things down as the evening rolls in. One of Ibiza’s hidden gems, no doubt.

Finca La Plaza

Finca La Plaza

Tucked away by the provincial square of Santa Getrudis Finca La Plaza is situated in one of the oldest buildings in the area. The owners have done an excellent job of maintaining all the tropes of a Spanish finca – white-washed walls and wooden beams very much exposed – while clever lighting and modern fixtures make it feel opulent and refined. We started with dual cocktails – La Finca, a pisco and hibiscus infusion, and Le Royal, a vodka-based lemongrass sorbet and champagne affair – both excellent and notably unique. Food was in a similar vein, with the Miso-glazed aubergines and the ‘Joselito‘ acorn-fed Ibérico ham with warm fig bread, both bridging eras between classic Med cuisine and modern fusion twists. Mains kept up the tradition with the Grilled Wagyu beef skirt steak and papaya pico de gallo a highlight. Finca is far from a hidden gem, its deserved reputation has grown way beyond its quiet and leafy surroundings. But it retains its intimate atmosphere, the service and surroundings creating a timeless experience through delicate lighting and considered design.

Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta

This stunning restaurant and cocktail bar is a hidden gem – no, literally! This beach cove destination is set on one of the most beautiful seaside spots on the island, almost exclusively to its diners, as it’s only reachable reservation at the restaurant or by rocky hike along the shore. The food lives up to the scenery – with the appetiser of olives and bread alone reviving one woo social editor (naming no names!) back from the brink of a nasty hangover. And for the mains, their iconic paella (both vegetable and seafood) is a must – served up table-side by hosts so chic you’ll want to steal their uniforms. A personal highlight was when the DJ played an island remix of ‘Hotline Bling’ – the vibes are just chefs kiss.

Where to stay

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Set at the end of Talamanca Beach, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay has a quiet elegance to its entrance before opening up to a paradisiacal pool and views across the bay to Sa Punta. The hotel and restaurant chain has an exquisite reputation and for good reason, with its unique Peruvian-Japanese fusion making it one of the world’s most respected restaurant brands. Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay merges Ibicenco luxury with Nobu’s refined elegance making this five-star spot one of the island’s most opulent stays. Rooms are just as lush, with possibly the most comfortable bed and linen you’ll experience anywhere in the world – perfect if it’s a late one.

Besides bathing in luxury, the hotel also offers wellbeing retreats in spring and autumn every year. The first, rightly titled Holistic Hiking takes guests on a three-day journey through dramatic gorges, hidden caves and natural jacuzzis. Each day is accented with sound healing, meditation, scream therapy and breathwork to combine physical wellbeing with spiritual and mental calm. The second retreat in collaboration with Self Space hopes to equip guests with compassion, self-love and resilience through beach journalling, group talks and reflection sessions. The experience blends the natural beauty of the White Island with the plush goodness of the workshops over a deeply conscious, three-day retreat.

And of course, no Nobu stay would be complete without a visit to their restaurant. Set along the shores of Talamanca beach, it’s for sure the best sushi on the island – the seared Toro Yuzu Miso and jalapeño salsa is the stuff of dreams. The views from the hotel’s rooftop are equally sensational: whether you’re in search of sunrise yoga, a sunset cocktail or a sumptuous snack before hitting the clubs, Nobu’s top floor has truly got it all.

People swimming in pool at Ryan's Lola's Ibiza
Pool at Ryans Lola's

Ryans Lola's

Despite cleaning up its rep in recent years, San An is still Ibiza’s most raucous area where you’re most likely to find cheaper drinks than anywhere else on the island. Across the water, San An Bay has become a go-to for those who are keen to save some cash, but don’t want to be directly among the madness. Its most recent addition – Ryans Lola’s – takes an industrial chic-meets-music-heritage approach to its design, with heavy references to ’90s classics at every turn. In fact, every time you step into your room the TV automatically comes on with nostalgic bangers on a loop. There’s also a posh Marshall Bluetooth speaker in every room if Blur and Nirvana aren’t chiming with your Ibiza zen mode. Their studio rooms also come with an oven, fridge and cooking utensils if you want to save some cash and whip up your own dinner – though the included breakfast buffet selections should sort you out for the day. The pool and day beds are lush and chilled and if you’re heading to town, a water taxi just down the road will get you to San An in a few minutes when taxis are hard to come by – i.e. always – for only €4 a pop. Ideal.

INNSiDE Ibiza Beach

INNSiDE Ibiza Beach

Just around the corner from Lola’s, is INNSiDE Ibiza Beach, a substantially more upmarket affair, with gorgeous sea views across the water and a pool that kisses the sands of Cala Pinet. Its lush reception is dotted with artistic details that feel considered and homely, and the restaurant downstairs offers exquisite grilled cuisine, right in front of the water. And as this is San An, the sunsets are divine – head to the rooftop bar Rooftop Nine for glorious views of Ibiza’s famous red sky at night. INNSiDE Ibiza Beach is a slice of luxury tucked away in the Bay, a great option for a romantic trip to the island. Best of all, the hotel has just had a brand-spanking-new renovation for summer 2024, ensuring guests will be greeted with the both comfort and glamour when stepping through the hotel's doors.

Las Mimosas


In need of a peaceful hideaway on the west coast? Look no further than Las Mimosas, a calm oasis boutique hotel, that’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the sunset strip. Complete with a tranquil pool and bookable private spa (with sauna, gym and jacuzzi), Las Mimosas feels miles away from the raucousness of the rest of the San An Bay. The huge white washed rooms, private ocean view balconies, massive soft beds and luxurious bathrooms – including Grown Alchemist products in the bathroom, ideal for washing the day (and night…) away. The perfect wholesome companion to a hedonistic evening spent at some of the best clubs in the world.

Where to drink and dance

Beach Clubs


Just around the corner from Lola’s, is INNSiDE Ibiza Beach, a substantially more upmarket affair, with gorgeous sea views across the water and a pool that kisses the sands of Cala Pinet. Its lush reception is dotted with artistic details that feel considered and homely, and the restaurant downstairs offers exquisite grilled cuisine, right in front of the water. And as this is San An, the sunsets are divine – head to the rooftop bar Rooftop Nine for glorious views of Ibiza’s famous red sky at night. INNSiDE Ibiza Beach is a slice of luxury tucked away in the Bay, a great option for a romantic trip to the island. Best of all, the hotel has just had a brand-spanking-new renovation, ensuring guests will be greeted with the both comfort and glamour when stepping through the hotel's doors.

Playa Soleil
Playa Soleil

The latest venture from the Night League – the group who own superclubs Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza – Playa Soleil is a new beach club, bar and restaurant set at the top of the Bossa strip. Merging a day on the beds with high-quality gastronomy and a cheeky DJ set from top-level talent in their club Palmarama, Soleil has something for everyone as the hot Ibiza day rolls into night. Think Tulum meets Bali meets, well, Ibiza and you’re on track for the style of decor – earth tones and brushed concrete make up the elegant entrance as you make your way to the Bossa beachfront. It wouldn’t be a Night League venue without a proper DJ setup and soundsystem, ready to show off your new tan on the intimate dancefloor. Food-wise, it’s a Spanish affair with high-quality Iberico cured ham, gorgeous paella and seafood and a range of classic European mains.

Bars and Cocktails

Paradise Lost

Named after John Milton’s epic poem depicting the fall of the Garden of Eden, Paradise Lost is a place where the devil on your shoulder is in full control. Set in the winding backstreets of Ibiza town, the bar is a mish-mash of traditional Chesterfield furniture mixed with neon signs and wonky plants, paired with an exquisite cocktail menu. On warmer evenings, the terrace is always a good spot to watch the world go by in the shadows of Dalt Vila’s whitewashed walls. This summer, the Ibiza staple also opened its own vinyl store For the Record, adjacent to the existing bar, open till 1am.

The Standard Rooftop

The Standard Rooftop
The Standard Ibiza

The Standard Ibiza opened last April 2022, just off Ibiza’s main Vara De Rey square. While the rooms and restaurant are both in keeping with the hotel chain’s reputation – i.e. very lush – it’s the rooftop bar, simply called UP at The Standard, that wows the most. With views beyond Vara de Rey into Ibiza’s mediaeval old town and UNESCO heritage site Dalt Vila’s iconic cathedral and clock tower, grab a seat by the edge and watch the old town come alive as the sun sets and the cobbled stone walls begin to glow. If you like what you see, why not stick around? UP at the Standard is open till 2am.

Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo

Having celebrated its 30th birthday in 2024, this iconic San An Bay destination is known for its amazing sunset location and cocktails. Overlooking the sea, the terrace view is one of the best spots on the island for picture perfect sunsets. A modern-day Ibiza icon, Mambo shouldn’t be missed for first-time Ibiza travellers – as a right of passage – and a perfect spot for pre-parties soundtracked by DJ legends: the likes of Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Benny Benassi, Boy George, Sasha and Judge Jules.


Clubbers dancing at Pikes, Ibiza
Hï Ibiza


What can be said about Pikes that hasn’t already? The legendary location of the Club Tropicana video shoot, Freddie Mercury’s favourite digs for debauchery and a long list of VIP guests, partygoers and DJs since it opened in 1978, Pikes Ibiza has a special place in the heart of any Ibiza regular. The hotel portion of the venue has just had a swanky new renovation this year, while the venue's public areas — including the pool, lush gardens and dancefloor — retain its distinctly Spanish charm. It’s guestlist only, but also free, so just make sure you’ve signed up in advance. It’s also over-27s as of summer 2023, so bear that in mind too. If you do make it up its hallowed steps, just remember: what happens at Pikes, stays at Pikes.

DJ Booth at Amnesia Ibiza
He.She.They at Amnesia. Credit: Phrank


One of the island’s most iconic clubs, Amnesia has been an Ibiza staple since 1976. Having gone through a host of renovations, it’s held onto its legendary reputation with parties like the iconic Elrow, Jamie Jones’s Paradise and their flagship techno mecca night Pyramid, which showcases the biggest names in electronic every Sunday, such as Ricardo Villalobos, Adam Beyer, Charlotte de Witte and Nina Kraviz. The highlight though is He.She.They’s monthly residency – a celebration of inclusivity and diversity and “a place without prejudice, where people can be people”

Hï Ibiza

Hï Ibiza

Having taken over the sacred space that was Space Ibiza in 2017, many wondered if the fabled Bossa institution could be topped. Hï Ibiza has undoubtedly cemented itself as one of the planet’s best venues, having been voted the number-one club in the world by DJ Magazine two years in a row. Go for the incredible sound, visuals and line-ups, stay for the Wild Corner – a micro-club in the toilets where silliness reigns. Residents include Eric Prydz, Tale of Us’s Afterlife and Defected’s disco house staple Glitterbox.

Nature and the Outdoors


Cruise Ibiza

From dry land, Ibiza’s views: cliffs, beaches and sunsets are some of Europe’s best. But to really experience the White Isle, its hidden coves, secret beaches and rugged cliffs, you’ve got to do it by boat. Cruise Ibiza offer a range of boat and yacht charters, from half-day trips with a small crew to all-day sailing to neighbouring Formentera and back. As you might expect, the views are stunning, only matched by the turquoise waters and iconic sunsets. Ibiza’s beaches can get busy in high season, so there’s nothing better than anchoring up and swimming to a secret sandy cove you’ve got completely to yourself with only the sound of gentle waves to soothe your soul. If you’re looking for more of a party vibe, the boats also include Bluetooth speakers and free drinks and snacks; beers, wine and cava included – we sailed around Es Vedra while listening to Ibiza club classics and it was a spiritual experience. Cruise Ibiza has boats for every budget and party size, so check out their website for more information. Don’t leave Ibiza without heading out on the water – you won’t regret it.

People relaxing on boat in Ibiza
Cruise Ibiza

Ibiza Hike Station

As you may have picked up so far, Ibiza isn’t just about clubbing. The island offers beauty at every turn if you know where to look, and no one knows better than Manuel at Ibiza Hike Station. Offering a range of hikes and walks for fitness and experience levels, Manuel can take you to new heights, combining adventure with wellness and letting you explore the island in a totally new way. Hikes last three to five hours and are private, so Manuel can create a custom route based on your fitness and needs for the day, be it a chilled, slow affair or a steep climb for unique views and Instagram moments. Find out more on his site and make sure you always hike with a licensed guide.


El Silencio

Yoga and Soundhealing


Amante Ibiza is one of the most renowned yoga spots in Ibiza. It takes place every weekday morning at 9am in Sol d’en Serra, halfway between Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia, on a beautiful cove overlooking the sea. There are no walk-ins, so a res is a must, and every class is in both Spanish and English. Afterwards, there’s a health-conscious buffet breakfast so get your day off to the perfect start. Amante also offers beach beds and a gorgeous restaurant, so why not make a day of it?

The Oracle at El Silencio

The Oracle at El Silencio

El Silencio is plonked on the southwest of Ibiza, halfway between San An and Cala D’Hort, on a beautiful and peaceful cove called Cala Molí. Famed for its restaurant headed by world-renowned chef Mauro Colagreco, the gorgeous food only just matches the beautiful setting. El Silencio also runs events and exhibitions including The Oracle by Dan Ghenacia. Part of the DJ crew Apollonia, Ghenacia took his “unique sensory journey of semi-consciousness and profound relaxation” inspired by Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine to the Molí shores this summer. Keep an eye on their website for more wellness events and exhibitions.

Spas and Pampering

Mim Spa
Six Senses

Mim Spa

Mim Hotel is situated in Figueretas, the small beachfront strip between Bossa and Ibiza Town. It’s tucked away on a quiet street and is very much an IYKYK affair. Owned by legendary footballer Lionel Messi, its art-deco-chic sky bar overlooks the sea towards Formentera as well as Ibiza town. Downstairs, you’ll find the spa – a great option if you’re looking to spend a little less but need some downtime after a busy night. It features a hydrotherapy circuit with sensation showers, ice fountain, cold water pool, jacuzzi and an infrared sauna for only €30pp. A few laps and you’ll be back in the game.

Six Senses

One of the island’s most famous spa and luxury hotels, Six Senses Ibiza is as far from the chaos as you can get – right on the tip of the north of the island. Their retreats, programs and day spa treatments include everything from sleep analysis and after-party detox to yoga, fitness and a stunning Caldarium hot bath to soothe your worries away. Six Senses is the ultimate recovery and relaxation spot, so if you’re not interested in clubbing or spicy margs, or you’re coming to the island to unwind, definitely check out its wide range of wellness offerings.

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