A guide to Steve Lacy’s nostalgic vibrant home

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17 Mar 2023
A guide to Steve Lacy’s nostalgic vibrant home

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter’s colourful childhood home is full of character

image Team Woo

words Sophie Lou Wilson

There comes a time when we all have to move out of our childhood home. While young people are staying with their parents for longer to avoid exorbitant rents or save up to buy a house, if you’re viral singer-songwriter Steve Lacy, you can afford to move out sooner. That said, until recently, the star lived a pretty normal life at home with his mum, meeting up with friends at Jamba Juice and going on dates. He might have since moved out, but he’s still a homebody at heart. “My mum thinks I’m doing drugs, but I’m at home baking cookies,” he said last year.

In 2018, the Bad Habit singer invited SSENSE into the house he grew up in and was still living in at the time. Although the house belonged to his mum, you can see how the space reflects the singer’s own style as vibrant rugs, wall hangings and beanbags fill each room.


Whether you live on your own, with housemates or with parents, we’ve curated a selection of cosy homewares to add some of the rich character that makes Lacy’s childhood home so unique.

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