How to nail Scandi maximalism

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03 Jan 2023
Scandi Maximalism style

From joyful colours to vivacious prints, here’s your guide to Scandi style’s maximalist era

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words Sophie Lou Wilson

Scandinavian fashion is famous for championing a chic and understated aesthetic. Cotton shirts, roomy coats, well-fitting denim and sleek midi dresses all tend to rest in the popular imagination when Scandi style is mentioned. That said, Scandinavian street style is anything but prescriptive. And there's a wave of designers and influencers – including cult faves Ganni and Stine Goya – channelling a more maximalist look to prove it.

You only have to look at last year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week to see how neon brights and chaotic layering have made their way onto the Scandi streets. Creating a capsule wardrobe that’s made to last is still key. Copenhagen is the first city to introduce mandatory sustainability requirements that brands must meet in order to have a spot on the official fashion week schedule, a rule that will come into place later this month.


However, the more maximalist aesthetic dares to question the monopoly of minimalist design when it comes to curating a long-lasting, versatile wardrobe. What if you’re more into pink than plain suits? Or you prefer mixing colours to monochrome? The Scandi embrace of maximalism is part of a wider trend for expressing creativity and individuality through fashion. Rather than following trends, it centres fun and self-expression. A branch of the weird girl aesthetic and dopamine dressing trends, Scandi maximalism taps into a desire for colourful experimentation and statement pieces that are made to last.

From statement coats to vibrant knits, here’s how to nail the new frontier of Scandi maximalism this season.

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