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Introducing PopWorks Originals

3 mins
11 Sep 2023
Introducing PopWorks Originals

woo teams up with PopWorks to show how thinking and creating originally just...works!

How do you like to work? woo and PopWorks are collaborating to bring you a selection of interviews with some of the UK’s finest rising creatives to find out their sources of inspiration, creative processes and rituals. Basically, what makes them original.

We’ve selected a group of people who, like PopWorks, do things differently, stepping out of the bounds of comfort and expectation to make art that is truly unique and pioneering. Inspired by a brand as unique as PopWorks, the creators have drawn inspiration from the four delicious flavours to create original content that breaks the mould and steps away from binaries. These delectable popped corn crisps can be enjoyed outside of the old reliable tear open a bag and munch it during a cinema sesh, on the bus, at the park, at your desk, away from your desk…and the creators are here to show us how.

So there’s fashion designer Chet Lo, the Central Saint Martins graduate whose sustainable contemporary knitwear designs are all about simple and playfully textured garments. Chet’s going to create an outfit inspired by the tasty Sweet and Salty PopWorks snack.

Meanwhile we’ve also got beauty expert and TikToker Zak Heath, who champions natural genderless make up looks, crafted in increasingly experimental and resourceful ways to appeal to all genders. He’s going to take us through how to embrace neutral shades with rich toffee tones to make us all look like a snack - maybe even a Salted Toffee PopWorks snack - as well.

Plus, there’s make-up artist Mata Marielle who is known for her signature Mata Lips effect and has won awards for her out-there looks. Taking inspiration from Sweet Chipotle Chilli PopWorks, she’s going to be bringing a little sweet and spice to her creation, working a new look on a model to best showcase how a bold but cute look can give us confidence and buzz.

Zak Abel is a former ping pong champion who’s since pivoted to making music. Having written for artists like Kygo and John Legend, he had to adjust to a new way of hearing and recording after having ear surgery to correct a condition called otosclerosis. With a husky wood-fired voice, he’ll be bringing us a take on PopWorks Sweet BBQ that embodies the fun and upbeat vibes of a summer spent with friends.

All shot by video supremos Pip & Lib, this unique video series will let you in on the way that a diversity of art is created, as well as telling you how some of the UK’s most exciting creatives and brands do things in an entirely original way.

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