The best houseplants for absolute beginners

1 mins
15 Nov 2022
The best houseplants for absolute beginners

Even if you treat them badly, these resilient plants will forgive and forget

image Youtube / Greentea Peng

words Heather Gwyther

Plants are everywhere, aren’t they? In the sea, up mountains, by the side of the bloody road, in our homes – if you can envisage the place, you can envisage the plant (even if it’s fake). The plants in our homes saw their numbers rise during the pandemic. As lockdown life plodded along, so too did we by finding things to entertain ourselves with. While some of us reared young of varying species, others became obsessed with plants. It was fun, but in the post-pandemic world we simply have less time for that sort of thing. This doesn’t mean we love plants any less, though – we just need ones that are easier to care for! Cue our green-fingered edit of that kind of houseplants that look good, help you feel good and are very difficult to kill...

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