How to look after your plants all-year round

Rachel, the Leaf Envy Plant Guru 🌱 🌵 answers our burning questions on caring for our foliage friends

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

Rachel, the Leaf Envy Plant Guru 🌱 🌵 answers our burning questions on caring for our foliage friends

09 Nov 2022
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

From low maintenance succulents to pristinely manicured bonsai trees, there are honestly so many types of houseplants out there. And whether you're more into the monogamous, one-plant-at-a-time approach or treat your bedroom like a Noah's Ark of greenery, with every species and strain imaginable under one roof, plants can make a huge difference to our mental health. Robust research has associated access to plants and greenery with a reduction in stress and anxiety, decreased depression, PTSD mitigation and a generally more positive and creative outlook. Just keep that in mind whenever you feel bad for purchasing your next potted Parlour Palm!

So now we know all that our foliage friends do for us, what can we do for them? Well, that's a simple question of TLC. Just like pets, you need to look out for your plants - even if they don't have a voice to tell you that it's time to give them a drink of water or move them closer to your bedroom window.

With all that in mind, we called up Rachel, the Leaf Envy Plant Guru 🌱 🌵 to answer some of our burning questions on how we can help our plants live their lives to the fullest. And, yes, we asked if your guardiola likes a gossip...

Will speaking to my foliage friends actually help them grow?

Some say speaking to plants has no effect but we believe that making friends with your leafy companions helps not only the plant but your psychological self. We advocate that plants provide a calming environment and improve your mental and physical well-being. Chatting with them might provide you and them with some happiness, so why not try it?

What are the best plants to buy for poorly-lit flats?

There are many plant species that can thrive and survive in low-light! For a beginner plant parent, we'd recommend the ZZ plant and for plant parents with a little more knowledge we suggest any type of Calathea plant! If you've not got much light, you can strategically place your plants around your window frame using hanging pots and shelving. A little boost of light can also be provided from a grow light! 💡 🌱

I love having greenery in my home but I travel a lot for work and can't look after my plant babies all the time - what are the best plants to cope with my lifestyle?

All of us go away from time to time and worry about our plant friends. If this is a common occurrence for you, then we would suggest picking easy-going, hardy plants that can withstand a small bit of neglect. A few species would include The Golden Pothos, Chinese Money Plant, Monstera Deliciousa, Snake Plant and the Mini Monstera.

I've heard that some plants can get sunburn - is that true?

It's a common misconception that plants love direct sunlight when in fact most plant foliage are too sensitive to this type of light. Plants can't apply suncream, so it's better to keep most of them out of direct sunlight and instead provide them with bright, indirect light. The sun can cause brown spots on their foliage or even burn holes. If you have a plant on your window sill, make sure to check if it likes being there. Plants that do thrive in the direct sunshine are more likely to be succulents or cacti.

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