Is Kanye launching a rival to SKIMS?

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25 Aug 2022
Is Kanye launching a rival to SKIMS?

Ye could be closing in on the shapewear market with his latest clothing line

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words Megan Wallace

Whether you love, hate, or are intensely indifferent to Kim Kardashian, you’ve got to admit that SKIMS… slaps. Her shapewear line, which fits nicely alongside a portfolio of brands which also includes skincare (SKKN), has found fashion editors and fans alike from its launch pleasantly surprised at its comfort, quality and relative affordability.

Three years on from its launch, and it’s expanded into a bonafide fashion destination, shilling the kind of muted, modern basics – think stretchy slip dresses or form-fitting body suits – that you might find in Kim’s own wardrobe (if she deigned to wear something that isn’t Balenciaga, that is).

However, is there competition for the athleisure throne? Back in April, Lizzo launched YITTY, a size-inclusive shapewear range in collaboration with Fabletics. It is a notable development and sign of industry innovation, since Kim’s styles have previously been criticised for sizing that runs small and for the use of photoshop in her campaigns.

Then, just last week, Kim K fans claimed that new styles from Talentless, the clothing line of Scott Disick (alligator hunter, failed restaurant owner and Kourtney’s ex, if you’re not familiar with 2010s Kardashian drama) bear something of a resemblance to SKIMS in colour palette and design.

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But the most likely competitor for her crown? Well, it could be found much closer to home, in the form of ex-husband and current co-parent Kanye West. Yes, the musician and Yeezy designer (and one-time Fendi intern) may be moving into Kim’s territory.

According to attorney Josh Gerben, who shared the news on Twitter, Ye has filed a logo trademark application for a “fluted”-edged dark blue circle via his Mascotte Holdings holdings company, following on from a 21 July application for a similar circular logo.

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Interestingly, Highsnobiety argues that the new logo is similar in hue to the artwork used for West's Jesus Is King album. Arguably more interestingly, the new insignia will be used for a brand offering, among other things; “clothing, underwear, jackets, pajamas [sic] and footwear.” Underwear and pyjamas, huh? Doesn’t that sound ever-so-slightly like something Kim would serve up as the patron saint of nude undies?

Whether Ye really will be following his ex into the shapewear business, or do something that completely defies expectation (remember the Yeezy Gap trashbags?) remains to be seen. At this point, anything goes…

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