How to thread your sneakers

Got a new pair of kicks? Here’s how to tie your laces in unique and different ways

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Got a new pair of kicks? Here’s how to tie your laces in unique and different ways

By Sophie Lou Wilson11 Sep 2023
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

Sneakers are everywhere. When everyone and their mum owns a pair, how do you make yours stand out? Tying your laces in different ways is one way to make them look unique. Whether your go-to trainers are Adidas Sambas, New Balance 550s or Nike Air Force 1s, below, we go through how to thread your sneakers for optimum comfort, style and support, from the very basics to the many different ways you can tie your laces.

How to prepare your sneakers

First, get your favourite pair of sneakers and make sure the tongue is properly centred between the shoe’s edges. Take one end of the shoelace and insert it into the bottom hole nearer the toe, making sure there’s an even length of lace on each side. Now you're ready to lace them however you like.

How to thread your sneakers

Once you've threaded your shoelace through the bottom hole, cross one lace over the other, with one lace going over the top and the other going underneath. Continue this pattern, crossing the laces over each other until you reach the holes nearest the ankles. Next, tie the laces together in a bow shape. Tie a double bow to make them more secure.

How to tighten your laces

To tighten your laces for extra comfort and support, gently pull both loops of the bow you just created. Make sure it’s snug but not overly tight. You should be able to insert your finger between the lace and your shoe comfortably. If you want extra support, tighten the laces at each hole, starting from the ones nearest the toes. This is worth doing if you’re playing sports in your sneakers and want your feet to be as supported as possible.

Different ways to thread your sneakers


As described above, this is the most common and straightforward way to thread your sneakers. You can't go wrong with this classic style. It provides a perfect balance of style and support.

Straight bar lacing

This method creates a neat, horizontal appearance without diagonal crosses. It's great for relieving pressure on the top of the foot and gives your sneakers an appearance that's just that little bit different.

Customised lacing

If you want to make your sneakers stand out, try threading them with ribbons and charms for a truly unique look. This option gives your favourite trainers a dash of personality and means no one else will have the exact same pair.

Checkerboard lacing

You can try creating a checkerboard pattern by lacing your sneakers with two different colored laces to add a fun and unique look to your shoes.

Double back lacing

If you require extra stability and support for your ankles and feet, then try double back lacing. After the initial criss-cross pattern, lace backward through the eyelets to create a double layer of laces.

Hidden knot lacing

If you want a clean look, hide the knots inside your shoe. Start by tying a small knot inside the shoe, then lace your sneakers as usual. This is also useful if you're playing sport in your sneakers because they're less likely to come undone and trip you up.

Spider web lacing

Create a web-like pattern by criss-crossing the laces in a different way, giving them a distinctive look.