here's how to get involved with mandem meetup

This UK-based group is a welcoming space that helps men open up about their mental health. Want to join? Here’s all you need to know.

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

This UK-based group is a welcoming space that helps men open up about their mental health. Want to join? Here’s all you need to know.

By Team Woo16 Jan 2024
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

When it comes to men’s mental health, Mandem Meetup know how important connection is. Jamie Dennis founded the Manchester-based non-profit in 2019, after realising he lacked a safe space to work through difficult feelings. It’s now a growing community with hundreds of members, and they’re always keen to welcome more.

Put simply, Mandem Meetup offers a safe, non judgmental space for men, and those who identify as male, to talk and share. Having started in Salford, the group has now expanded to Manchester and Wolverhampton, with the ethos of ‘come as you are, you’re welcome here’. They also run a Whatsapp group that provides a virtual, friendly arena for getting things off your chest.

From organising outdoors activities including hikes, to offering talking therapy, workouts and more, Mandem Meetup offers plenty of ways to bond with other guys. Want to try your hand at photography, jiu jitsu, breathwork or poetry? The group has planned events for all those and more.

Below, find all the information you need about how, when and where you can get involved – and watch the powerful new documentary, Mandem, created by group member Nathan Baxter.

How do I sign up?

To sign up to Mandem Meetup, visit the charity’s website and go to the ‘what’s happening’ section. You can find activities and events you’d like to attend there. You can also join their Whatsapp group to speak to someone immediately if you have any questions. For the events, simply show up – no application or notice needs to be made.

Does it cost anything to join?

Nope. Everything Mandem Meetup hosts is (and always will be, they emphasise) free.

Where does Mandem Meetup take place?

Mandem Meetup are currently active in both Manchester and Wolverhampton in and around the city centres, with monthly hikes taking you out further to places like Snowdonia, the Peak District and Lake District.

What events do they have coming up?

You can find all upcoming Mandem Meetup events on the website, but we’ve asked them to give us a quick taste:

16th January: A Talking Circle at the Village Hall on Deansgate – this is for you to share the shit going on in your life, or just listen to others and be present. Either is cool with us.

17th January: We’re doing some Homeless Outreach that you can get involved with. We do this often, giving essential apparatus to the street homeless of Manchester. We meet at St Annes Square in Manchester at 6:30pm

21st January: If you’re up for some hiking, we’re heading to Telford to Walk and Talk up the Wrekin. Our members often find this is the best way to get out of their own heads for a day. We’re meeting at 10am for this one.

24th January: We also organise some fitness groups, such as WorkIN / WorkOUT at Little Earth. On the 24th this session will focus on working out while working on what’s within, and it starts at 6pm.

Do I need to know anything before I attend a session?

Mandem Meetup is for anybody that identifies as a man and feels comfortable around men.

How can I donate to Mandem Meetup?

Head to the website and click donate.

‘For The Mandem’ is woo’s campaign with grassroots mental health charity Mandem Meetup. The series hopes to challenge what a healthy male-centric community looks like, explore the full campaign here.