Need a serotonin boost? Check out these funny pet pics

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27 Jul 2022
Need a serotonin boost? Check out these funny pet pics

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards celebrate joyful animals and the competition's 2022 shortlist of heartwarming pet photos has been announced

image Kenichi Morinaga / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

words Megan Wallace

We all love our furry friends. Whether you spent a month's pay check kitting your dog out in Gucci's new pet collection or regularly go to absurd lengths to hide your cat from a suspicious landlord, there's nothing we wouldn't do for the animals in our lives. And why wouldn't we? While pets are a big responsibility and can be pretty expensive, research has shown that they can have a seriously positive impact on mental health and help us feel less lonely.

Sometimes, however, it can feel like nobody really gets the bond we have with our pets and the fact we want to talk about them basically all the time. And while people might roll their eyes at a painstakingly curated Dogstagram, it's an expression of wholesome, pure love – and what's more beautiful than that? Thankfully, some people out there are still all for celebrating bonds that jump the species barrier. Case-in-point, the Comedy Pet Photo Awards; an annual photography competition aiming to find the cutest, funniest pet photos from across the world.

Founded in 2020 by friends Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, the contest aims to raise awareness of animal welfare and hopes to encourage people to treat pets in as kind and empathetic a way as possible. That's a message we can get behind! It also aims to improve the lives of animals in a more tangible way, too. With help from its sponsor Animal Friends, this year the competition is supporting three animal welfare charities with donations of £10,000 each. These causes include a sanctuary for abused and unwanted animals called Dean Farm Trust, London-based cat rescue service London Inner City Kitties and the Wild At Heart Foundation, a global charity for stray dogs.

Want to see what it's all about? Announced on 22 July, the competition revealed its list of 2022 finalists, bringing together a shortlist of 30 entries that celebrate the joy and unique character of pets: from dogs snuggling to cats trying their hands at smartphones. Take it from us, these adorable pics are the perfect pick-me-up to get you through the week.

Check out some of our favourite entries below and see the full list of finalists at

© Lucy Sellors / Animal Friends Comedy Pets
© Karl Goldhamer / Animal Friends Comedy Pets
© Peter Cech / Animal Friends Comedy Pets
© Sarah von Keitz / Animal Friends Comedy Pets
© Kenichi Morinaga / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

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