7 feel good moments from the 2024 Met Gala

Featuring Tyla’s royal lift up the steps, Josh O’Connor’s KitKat wrapper bow tie and Loewe’s celeb-studded pass the phone challenge

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

Featuring Tyla’s royal lift up the steps, Josh O’Connor’s KitKat wrapper bow tie and Loewe’s celeb-studded pass the phone challenge

By Darshita Goyal07 May 2024

Breathe a sigh of relief, this isn’t another best and worst dressed list from the Met Gala. Whether you loved or hated that Cardi B had not one, not two but ten dress handlers or you’re trying to fill the Rihanna and Blake Lively-sized hole in your drama-loving hearts, this is a round-up from the first Monday of May that will actually make you grin and giggle. First things first, if you’re new here, the Met Gala happened on the eve of May 6 and the dress code was ‘The Garden of Time’.

Don’t confuse this with the theme of the official exhibition displayed at the Met’s Costume Institute which was ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’. As always, both themes sound obscure but the wide range of interpretations – good, bad and wild – make it a fun night of fashion and celebrity. Besides the style, the Met is also where all the hot people gather for one night only so the feel good quotient is also golden. Here, we’ve captured the moments not to be missed from the main event: from Loewe’s star-studded TikTok challenge to Tyla being transported up the Met steps like the royalty she is. Happy scrolling!

Greta Lee stans Taylor Russell

….and how can she not? Russell’s Loewe look will go down in Met history as one of the most iconic feats of artistry. As global ambassador of the brand and Jonathan Anderson’s longtime muse, the actor donned a custom-made trompe l’oeil corset that looked so much like real wood, it could’ve been polished by Bob the Builder himself. In this photo, Greta Lee lovingly gazing at Russell in awe and admiration is actually all of us staring at our screens this morning. Nothing like meteoric girlies hyping each other up <3

Tyla being lifted up the Met steps

Now this is a debut like no other. Tyla said goodbye to florals for spring and embodied the “sands of time” instead. The 22-year-old singer wore a sculpted Balmain gown reminiscent of a Goddess built from the beach; she even had sand grains on her shoulders and carried an hourglass handbag – absolute chefs kiss. Of course the dress restricted movement and, for the body to body like that, Tyla had to be lifted up the iconic Met steps by four carriers. You bet there were no wobbles too, as the breakout star stood poised like a ballet dancer mid pirouette. No literally, make me lose my breath, make me water.


Kylie Minogue is back

Who needs a Prince’s kiss when you have ‘Padam Padam’? Minogue returned to the Met Gala carpet a decade later and sleeping beauties the world over have awakened to pay ode. The 55-year-old singer was costumed by Diesel’s Glen Martens in a see-through denim knit dress embellished with countless Swarovski crystals. The contoured outfit sat like second skin on the pop icon, adding a slept-in, woke-up-like-this feel to the look. 10/10.

Loewe passes the phone

The Oscars selfie walked so Loewe’s pass the phone challenge could run. Wait ‘til you hear the line-up: Taylor Russell to Greta Lee to Jamie Dornan to Josh O’Connor to Dan Levy to Ambika Mod to Ayo Edebiri to Alison Oliver to Omar Apollo. If you see only one thing from the Met Gala, this has to be it. Between the Irish jokes and Mod saying she desperately wants to be friends with Ayo, it’s the cutest celeb TikTok ever made.

TikTok arrives big with Wisdom Kaye

Even though TikTok sponsored this year’s Met, the carpet was missing major creators. Where were the confessional GRWM girlies, the personal chefs, the hot ceramicists? At the very least, we deserved Pookie and her husband. But among the handful of internet stars that received an invite to the gala, Wisdom Kaye in custom Robert Wun stole the show. The red-on-red, the dreamy cape and top hat, the emotional announcement on X, all deserve a feel-good spot.

Mike Faist’s turnip and Josh O’Connor’s KitKat

Which one are you? If John Galliano was the fashion hero of the Met, Loewe was the social underdog. The Challengers duo were dressed in complimentary tuxes with weird (eccentric?) elements. Faist proudly revealed to red carpet host Emma Chamberlain that he picked the turnip brooch on his ‘fit while O’Connor said he liked his bowtie because it reminded him of a KitKat wrapper. Celebs, they’re just like us, always thinking of the next best snack.

Everyone wants to be Stray Kids

If you hadn’t heard of them before, surely you have now. Over the weekend, in an Instagram Live the K-pop band announced their Met Gala debut and fans were screaming, crying, throwing up in anticipation. The big reveal did not disappoint: dressed in custom Tommy Hilfiger, the boys repped Seoul and New York clad in hues of red, white and royal blue, which hinted at the flags of the US and South Korea. While most attendees struggled to get one look right, Stray Kids nailed eight.