Revolutionary pregnancy test advert shows woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant

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09 Jan 2023
Revolutionary pregnancy test advert shows woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant

Clearblue’s latest campaign shows that a negative pregnancy result can be a relief, rather than a disappointment, for many...

image Clearblue

words Lucy O'Brien

UK-based pregnancy test brand Clearblue, has included a woman feeling relief at the sight of her negative pregnancy test in their latest advert campaign.

The release of the advert is both a long overdue and refreshingly realistic representation of the dread that many feel when taking a pregnancy test. Traditionally, testing kit adverts depict women who are really keen to have kids, so very eager to receive a positive result. In this advert, however, for what feels like the first time, one of the women included in the short clip - the younger of the two - looks explicitly anxious while waiting for her test results, which she, the implication is, hopes will be a clear negative outcome.

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The advert depicts two different storylines – two women taking a pregnancy test but hoping for opposite results. “I can’t even,” says the first, while the other hopes that “this will be the time”. When the two get the results they hoped for, both sit back on their beds, visually elated and relieved.

The advert is a refreshing reminder that at-home testing kits and accurate pregnancy results are not just essential for those who want confirmation of conception, but also for reassuring those who do not want to be pregnant. It also shows, for the first time, that receiving a negative result is not always a bad thing.

Research suggests that in the UK, 12.5 million at-home pregnancy testing kits are used each year. And with the most recent YouGov stats on voluntary childlessness telling us that one in eight Britons between the ages of 16-24 who do not already have children plan on never having any in their lifetime, representing on screen the fear of pregnancy will likely strike a chord with many. The new Clearblue advert is taking a necessary step towards more accurately representing (and normalising) the different realities and emotions that come with using this essential form of healthcare.

To find out when you can take a pregnancy test, and where to best access them, visit Clearblue’s guide here.

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