The best lubes to add to cart now

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11 Apr 2023
The best lubes to add to cart now

The wetter, the better

image Team Woo

words Megan Wallace

You know those old (heteronormative) noughties romcoms where our charmingly dishevelled heroine looks in all the wrong places for love and, after plenty of miscommunications and terrible dates, it turns out her overly earnest BFF was the guy she was searching for all along? Yep, in case you haven’t already guessed where I am going with this analogy, lube is in fact the missing piece in your sex life - just as Matt was Jenna’s one true, unexpected love in 13 Going On 30.

See, lube might not have the sexiest reputation but it’s always there when you need it, can help smooth things over when the going gets tough and makes big, challenging things seem so much easier to handle. And despite the idea that vaginal lubrication on its own should be “enough” for whatever type of sex you fancy having, natural wetness fluctuates for a whole range of reasons: hormonal, psychological and depending on any medication you take. Sometimes, you just need a slippery helping hand - and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s also the fact that not all parts of your body naturally lubricate - so whenever you try anal play, you’re going to need to dig around your bedside cabinet for the wet stuff. And if you’re into particularly experimental sex stuff - like fisting, double penetration, pegging, to name a few - you will also definitely need to break out the lube, both for comfort and to ensure ease of entry.

A word to the wise? Just be careful to choose your lube wisely: make sure that you prioritise water-based lubes, which are compatible with most condoms and sex toys, and won't lead to any worrying breakages. So, to help guide you in your search for the lube of your dreams, and screen out any frogs masquerading as princes, we’ve decided to play matchmaker. Keep reading for our selection of the most eligible, intriguing and best lubes out there.

Go forth, enjoy your lube speed-dating and thank us later…

Super secret

Personal Moisturiser

Personal Moisturiser


Speaking of luxury, we're obsessed with this personal moisturiser from prestige sex toy brand LELO. It is dual purpose so can be used with sex toys as a lube but can also be applied as a moisturiser to keep skin nice and hydrated. And the packaging? Perfectly discreet, low-key expensive vibes.

The big O

Orgasm Stimulating Gel 100ml

Orgasm Stimulating Gel 100ml

So Divine

Another tingling lube to add to your list, this So Divine orgasm stimulating gel is infused with arginine and menthol for a sparkling surprise when applied to the labia and clit.

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