How to ease back into work after a holiday

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08 May 2023
How to ease back into work after a holiday

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

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words Sophie Lou Wilson

‘Tis the season for long weekends, summer holidays and sun-drenched city breaks. Whether you’ve just been on a life-changing trip across the world or spent a wonderful bank hol soaking up the sun with your mates, these are the moments that make us realise what life’s all about. We don’t dream of labour, we dream of holidays. They’re a chance to reset and refresh, but sometimes the anxiety about going back to reality – work, rain, doing the dishes – can unsettle the good feelings that come from taking a well-deserved break.

Going on holiday can feel like pausing a game of Sims when it gets too stressful. Only, when you get back, the house is still on fire and someone’s taken the ladder out of the swimming pool. But instead of burning out or drowning beneath the responsibilities you’re returning to, it's possible to ease back into your routine slowly, integrating some of the good vibes from your holiday into your daily life.

In the best case scenario, you come back from holiday feeling revitalised. Perhaps you’ve resolved to set up some new habits so you don’t get too burnt out between now and your next break. If all else fails, you can always just book another holiday. But, here are some tips and tricks to beat the post-holiday blues in the meantime.

time to focus

Focus + Function Capsules

Focus + Function Capsules



If you find yourself struggling to focus because you’re too busy daydreaming about your next holiday, these Focus + Function capsules will help give you that extra boost of energy you need to get back into the swing of things at work. The synergetic combination of caffeine and adaptogens help with cognitive function and mood regulation so you can focus on the task at hand without getting too stressed.

matcha power

Matcha Powder Tin

Matcha Powder Tin



A morning treat can make your days feel worth getting up for. This sweet and mellow matcha blend is as energising as it is delicious. Simply add one teaspoon of matcha to a cup, add a splash of water and whisk until all the lumps are gone. Then top up with hot water or a plant-based milk of your choice.

sun kissed

Tan Enhance Formula

Tan Enhance Formula



If you built up a bit of a tan while you were away – while still wearing SPF, of course – then this tan enhance after-sun formula will help you hold onto that healthy glow. The shea butter blend provides powerful hydration to calm and soothe the skin after a day, or a week, in the sun.

rise and shine

Bodyclock Glow 150

Bodyclock Glow 150



The jolt of an alarm on the first day back to work is what anxious nightmares are made of, but with Lumie’s gradual bodyclock alarm, you’ll wake up slowly and more naturally. You can choose from over 10 sounds and adjust the sunrise intensity and duration so you can wake up feeling fresh.

my cup of tea

Spice Me Up - Spicy Chai Rooibos Tea Blend

Spice Me Up - Spicy Chai Rooibos Tea Blend



Spice up your tea break with Teapsy’s chai rooibos blend. If it’s a caffeine-free boost you’re looking for then this is it. You can take them into the office with you, but keep an eye on them – the adorable packaging might be too hard for your colleagues to resist.

mind your business

Mind Supplement & Bottle Bundle

Mind Supplement & Bottle Bundle

Indi supplements


This all-natural pre-work brain booster sharpens focus and attention span so you can quickly catch up on all those emails you missed while you were away. The powerful blend also helps banish brain fog, tackle fatigue and improve memory which in turn helps reduce stress and support long-term brain health.

treat your face

Stress Faace Moisturiser

Stress Faace Moisturiser



Constant stress does not make for a happy complexion. Going on holiday is one solution, but seeing as we can’t be on holiday all the time, _FAACE has released a daily moisturiser to target signs of stress. It’s made from a luxurious blend of ingredients that improve skin tone and texture. Plus, with jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli, it smells great too!

be happy



Blooming Blends


Few things are as joyful as relaxing in the sun with the people you love, but just because you can’t do that everyday, you can still welcome a little extra happiness into your life in other ways. These Happy Drops are designed to boost your mood and clear brain fog to life your mood to happier thoughts.

sweet dreams

Bedding Set

Bedding Set

House Babylon


The absolute best feeling when you get back from holiday is sleeping in your own bed. Even if you splashed out on a fancy hotel with the comfiest bedding, there’s nothing quite like your own set of sheets. Recreate that luxury hotel feeling at home with House Babylon’s Egyptian cotton bedding set. Suddenly, being back home doesn’t seem so bad.

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