Addicted to your phone? Try our tech-resisting challenge

No, you don’t have to scroll on Instagram while your kettle is boiling

A woman sitting on the floor with a phone in her hand
A woman sitting on the floor with a phone in her hand

No, you don’t have to scroll on Instagram while your kettle is boiling

By Team Woo15 Mar 2024
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

As if the infinite scroll wasn’t tempting enough, social media platforms are working overtime to keep you hooked. TikTok is pushing filters that gamify the experience – such as this Dora the Explorer edit that urges you to cut her hair the right length to win. On the other hand, Instagram has quietly added a hidden game in your DMs; just tap on any emoji and enter a nostalgic world of Y2K era Pong or Breakout.

Sure, it’s pretty mindless and fun to play, but before you know it you’ve spent 20 minutes trying to beat your last best score and your screen time is even higher than before. In the midst of all this tech newness, when do you catch a break for yourself? Over the years, these little widgets have eaten into our alone time so much so that it’s become hard to sit still without feeling bored.

So we scroll and watch and listen, and soon enough, the day wraps up, leaving us fatigued from the information overload with zero space for reflection. If you’re screaming “same!” right now and are looking for some change, here’s how. At woo, we put our heads together to think of all the moments we could reclaim our time and just switch off.

Turns out, there are at least 30 times a day when you can steal some me-time without losing anything at all. And yes, we’re guilty of checking our phones during all of the below. Intrigued? Try it with us:

Brushing your teeth

While your bread is in the toaster

Going up the escalator at the tube station

Waiting for your housemate to come out of the bathroom

Tying your shoelaces

When your friend hasn’t replied

Drying your laundry

Putting away your laundry

Doing the dishes

When your laptop is restarting/turning on

Getting your nails done

When your friend is taking longer than you to get ready for a night out

In the queue for your pastry treat

Waiting for someone to pick up your call

Watching the kettle boil for your brew

Waiting for a lift to get to your floor

Making porridge / whatever you eat for breakfast

When you’re the first one on the Zoom call

When you wake up before your alarm goes off

Running a bath

On a flight

Waiting for a Deliveroo/UberEats order to actually get to your door

At the bus/tube/tram/train stop

Watching the microwave timer cook your lunch

Supermarket till queue

Youtube ad breaks

Waiting to get a table at the pub

Waiting to get served at the pub

When your friend is trying to find something you’re talking about on their phone

At a restaurant and your date goes to the toilet