Four pioneering creatives on how they do things differently

For our PopWorks collaboration, four creatives told us, what makes them, like PopWorks, so original…

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

For our PopWorks collaboration, four creatives told us, what makes them, like PopWorks, so original…

By Team Woo13 Oct 2023
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

PopWorks is an original kind of snack, so we figured, why not interview a series of interesting creatives who also do things differently?

We spoke to make-up artist Zak Heath, fashion designer Chet Lo, celebrity make-up artist Mata Marielle and singer-songwriter Zak Abel to uncover what they do differently and their advice on how you deliver originality to achieve results.

Zak Heath

We caught up with the natural beauty expert and TikToker who told us how wearing a bit of cover-up as a 13-year-old led to a whole career in finessing people’s everyday looks, no matter their gender. His PopWorks inspired look took inspiration from their tasty Salted Toffee flavour, which inspired Zak to create bronzed toffee tones with a playful pop of blue eyeliner.

Chet Lo

Then we spoke to Chet Lo, who told us about how he’s taken the granny-ish side of knitwear and made it ‘pop’ for an alternative look. His approach worked perfectly with PopWorks Sweet and Salty - he took the interesting shape and texture of the crisp to bring a whole new approach to fashion collabs. He also went in depth to tell us about his journey to presenting his SS24 collection at LFW, by way of avant-garde designs using chicken bones and anchovies woven into nets and the slightly starrier experience of seeing Kylie Jenner, SZA and Doja Cat wear his ‘fits.

Mata Mariélle

Mata told us all about her journey; from a course in fine art at uni to dropping out to become a superstar make-up artist by way of working with her best mate Joy Crookes. She went into detail about her process when planning new creative ideas, such as putting the phone down and sketching everything on a giant pad of paper. In this video, Mata took inspiration from PopWorks Sweet Chipotle Chilli, likening it to her sweet and spicy personality, as well as her iconic Mata ombre lip (using deep shades of red to deliver a bold look).

Zak Abel

Zak may be the second of our series but he’s his own person altogether, with a decidedly kind way of being a crooner. Hearing the advice that legendary producer Quincy Jones gave about being warm in a world full of people trying to be cool, he’s taken on that very essence, preferring to be welcoming and friendly as opposed to frosty and standoffish. His personality paired perfectly with PopWorks Sweet BBQ, inspiring him to create soulful sounds to be enjoyed with friends (and even your neighbour if you play it loudly enough!)

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