Life In Love with Nick & Kaiden

1 mins
23 Jun 2022
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Watch the first episode of Woo’s Life in Love, a docu-drama series exploring gen z’s relationships, trysts, and every encounter in between

Meet new couple Nick and Kaiden: they’re navigating an unconventional work life and the politics of London’s queer community, as well as their blossoming partnership. Will their relationship, first built on sexual desire and lust, turn into the year’s sweetest love story?

Love should be a safe space, and Nick and Kaiden have spent the first few weeks of their relationship crafting that intimate, personal enclave. Shaving each others’ bums, talking about the complexities of sex work, and clubbing at queer parties in Leeds – it’s all there. As we find out, their tentative first steps together reflect how important it is to stay raw and playful with each other.

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