7 coming-of-age films to blow up the group chat

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29 Sep 2023
7 coming-of-age films to blow up the group chat

A rites of passage holiday, a tender queer romance, a glimpse into the intimate lives of young migrant workers; there’s something for everyone at the upcoming London Film Festival

words Darshita Goyal

If there’s a film coming out in the next year that’s impatiently sitting on your bingo card, chances are it will be screened at the London Film Festival. Whether you’re a seasoned movie buff equally well versed in big budget theatrics and artsy Mubi-flavoured films, or a newbie attendee just there to lust after some of cinema’s hottest (looking at you, Jacob Elordi fans) — there’s something for everyone at the upcoming festival. Over 250 titles from 90 plus countries have been shortlisted (!) to be screened at central London’s posh cinemas between October 4th to 15th.

To be fair, that’s a lot to choose from and while the British Film Institute (BFI) has separated the offerings under thematic strands like love, debate, dare and thrill, we did you one better. The festival has a sparkling array of coming-of-age films in its repertoire. From lighthearted comedies that look at friendship and freedom in the digital-era to absolutely unhinged dramas that peel back the complex layers of what it’s like to be a young person today - drinks, drugs, gender and sexual identities, consent (or lack thereof) and chaos included.

Unlike whitewashed celebrations of adolescence that we've seen in the past, these films are carefully diverse in their themes, plots, language, location and casting. There’s a liberating road trip, a sweet queer romance, an endless party with murky morals and an intimate glimpse into the lives of young migrant workers. What’s better is that BFI has £5 tickets available for those under 25. So if you hate to wait for a film but don’t have thick pockets to buy in early access, these tickets are just for you. Don’t forget to rant about the films on the group chat (or Letterboxd) after!

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