A no-nonsense guide to hot weather sex

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22 Jul 2022
A no-nonsense guide to hot weather sex

EYNTK about keeping cool while things heat up in and out of the bedroom...

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Something about summer makes people horny af. From skimpy bikinis to the sexploits of our favourite merry band of Love Islanders, it's a sexy time, we can't deny. But the sad truth is that actually acting on those impulses and having sex in summer feels nigh-on impossible – especially during a heatwave. Picture the scene: your Hinge date goes well, the conversation is flowing and everyone is in the right mood. They come back to yours and you try to get down to business but shudder are met with slick upper lips, sticky limbs and clammy kisses. Your room feels like a furnace and rubbing up against someone else's sweaty body just isn't working, so you awkwardly call a time out, your mouth parched from the heat, and end up spending the night overheating during what has now become a platonic sleepover. Yep, take it from us, hot weather sex is very much not a vibe.

But what if we told you it didn't have to be that way? Whether it's temperature play or getting creative with positions, heatwave sex can be hot in all the right ways while helping you stay cool in others. Intrigued? Keep scrolling for our expert guide and thank us later...

How to have hot weather sex

We've rounded up a panel of sexperts including clinical psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist Jordan Dixon, sex and relationships therapist and researcher Dr Laura Vowels and Tracey Coates, sexual wellness expert at sex toy brand Ricky to answer all of our burning questions about how on earth you have sex in a heatwave – here's what they said.

Is hot weather sex safe?

Safety is sexy, duh. Which is why it's important to cover the basics and get to grips with any risks associated with hot weather sex. According to sex and relationships therapist and researcher Dr Laura Vowels, the danger level for having sex in severe heat is similar to exercising in high temperatures, which can put stress on the body and may lead to heatstroke or heat exhaustion.

First up, be sure to assess the situation and be realistic about whether sex is a realistic option. "It depends on how hot you will get during the activity and how strenuous the exercise is. During a heatwave it may simply be too hot for sex," Vowels explains. If you're horny enough to give sex a shot, it's important to make sure you stay hydrated and watch out for symptoms like cramps, nausea, dizziness, increased heart rate and low blood pressure. If you develop any of these, stop having sex straight away (yep, even if it's goooood) and lower your body temperature by drinking fluids, taking a cold shower or bath and seek medical attention if you don't feel better within 20 minutes.

“Having a cool shower before, during or after sex can be a great way to bring down the temperature."

How to stay cool during summer sex

Okay, this is pretty fundamental. If you're going to be having sex in this weather, you're definitely going to need some tips on how to keep on top of the temperature. Thankfully in many instances, it's as simple as opening the windows and pressing the "on" button on an electric fan. "If we’ve all been outdoors on a really hot day, sweating out half out body weight, and then we walk into a lovely fresh cool breeze. Having a fan or opening a window (being mindful of neighbours) can help cool us down when we are getting sweaty," explains clinical psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist Jordan Dixon.

On the other hand, Tracey Coates, the sexual wellness expert at sex toy brand Ricky, recommends a pre-sex splash (extra points if someone joins you). “Having a cool shower before, during or after sex can be a great way to bring down the temperature." She also suggests getting creative with your choice of location...just maybe make sure your housemates are out first. "Finding a cold surface such a tiling in a kitchen, bathroom, or a countertop can make for a much cooler surface to have sex on," explains Coates. "Although they may be harder materials, sometimes cloth bedding and sheets can contribute towards uncomfortable levels of heat during intercourse."

""Reaching for a melted ice cube over our own or someone else’s body can be super erotic."

Heatwave sex positions

As Vowels explains, sex is bound to get you sweaty – whether there's a heatwave or not. "Two bodies generate a lot of heat together and will make you feel very hot very quickly." Understandably, then, it can be a good idea to avoid any positions where your bodies are fully touching. While this sounds lacking in intimacy, it can still be pretty sexy if you know what you're doing. “Positions that have less full body contact and don’t require you having to work too hard to climax can be a better choice as it won’t generate as much heat," advises Coates. "Doggy style and reverse cowgirl are great positions to minimise the heat but still keep the sex alive." However, don't worry if those positions feel a bit ambitious – it's about your own pleasure and comfort after all, so don't force anything that doesn't feel right. "Let your bodies do the talking and listen curiously to feelings on where to go towards creating more pleasure," reminds Dixon.

Try temperature play

Fancy switching things up this summer? Give temperature play a shot. Temperature play is pretty self-explanatory, it's about experimenting with hot and cold sensations on the skin. Why? It can be pretty damn erotic. In a heatwave, you might want to experiment with running an ice cube down your partner's body or placing it in their mouth. This won't just put a sexy shiver down their spine but can be a great way to cool things down and lower body temperature. "Putting an ice cube in our mouths or gliding it across our bodies during a sex session can totally change the sensation," says Dixon. "Reaching for a melted ice cube over our own or someone else’s body can be super erotic." Just, as always, make sure you discuss this with your partner and gain enthusiastic consent first before you go running to the freezer.

Now you've done your research, get ready to have the summer sex of your (wet) dreams. Happy sexploits!

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