A foot fetish creator on crushing grapes for her own wine

OnlyFans creator Emilie Rae has launched SimpWine, a bottle that gives her fans a taste of her feet

A Foot Fetish Creator's wine brand
A Foot Fetish Creator's wine brand

OnlyFans creator Emilie Rae has launched SimpWine, a bottle that gives her fans a taste of her feet

By Darshita Goyal05 Mar 2024
6 mins read time
6 mins read time

What makes a bottle of wine special? Most often this depends on where it was made; Bordeaux, Tuscany and Napa Valley rank high on the vino scale. But what about East London? If you’re a connoisseur giving us the side eye then hold on – there’s more.

In a rare first, it’s not about where the grapes are from that brings value but rather who crushed them. SimpWine, a limited edition Cabernet Sauvignon, is made from grapes that were painstakingly stomped on by foot fetish icon and OnlyFans creator Emilie Rae.

The sex worker has collaborated with Renegade Urban Winery to create a new experience for her audience, often called “simps” on OnlyFans. The full bodied Sauvignon boasts notes of blackberry, blackcurrant and oak, but the standout feature is that Rae’s coveted feet were involved in the process.

For context, she is in the top 0.6 per cent of OnlyFans creators across the world and is widely loved for her feet content. “Foot fetish is the most popular fetish in the UK and I hope my fans feel closer to my feet with this wine,” she says.

If you have questions, well, same. We jumped on the phone with Rae to talk about her new wine, the most interesting requests she receives from her followers, how much it all costs and what it’s like to be a sex worker today. Grab a glass and dive in.

What brought you to OnlyFans?

I started in 2018 when a partner pushed me to try it and did surprisingly really well. Within six months, I quit my job – I was working in an office – and I managed to keep my income between $3,000 and $4,000 monthly. I was only 22 at this point so it was quite a lot of money for me to be earning, which was exciting. And then I started working on TV channels where I established my foot fetish following. People would call on live TV and ask me to put my feet on the desk, take my shoes off, et cetera.

How did SimpWine happen?

So I was approached [by Renegade Urban Winery] a few months ago and I was obsessed with the idea the minute I heard it. I'm a big wine drinker myself, so I thought this would be a really fun, quirky thing to run with.

What was it like to create your own wine? Take us through the process.

We did the winemaking mid January and that was just insane, one of the best days of my life. I do a lot of shoots so I know what to expect on set, but this was so creative. In one photo, I had to balance a round silver tray with a bottle of wine and a glass on the heels of my feet, which was so unique but also tricky to get right.

“The word ‘simp’ is often used in a seedy, derogatory way so we wanted this to be something the community could be proud of”
Emilie Rae

The grape stomping itself ran from about 9am ‘til 5pm. I was dressed in a ball gown for it because we wanted a classy, refined feel. The word ‘simp’ is often used in a seedy, derogatory way so we wanted this to be something the community could be proud of. We put a GoPro around my legs so when the guys go to the website they can watch a POV video of me stomping the grapes. It’s not just buying a bottle of wine but also an interactive experience.

What is your favourite kind of content to create online?

I like foot stuff, taking photos and creating short form content like teaser reels. I also enjoy doing custom videos because they're really specific. I like to ask my subscribers to pick an outfit for me or the kind of lingerie they want me to wear. It keeps it interesting and different; seven years later I’m still amazed by what people are turned on by and what their fetishes are.

Tell us about some of the specific requests you’ve had recently.

So this is actually prohibited on OnlyFans, but I did it on another platform – this guy was into hypnotism and sent me a 15 minute long script. I had to learn it word for word, wear a leather jacket, jeans and pretend to be hypnotised by him. He then made me do what he wanted; it was interesting because I had to bark like a dog or make monkey noises. Sometimes it takes a few takes to get it right, you have to be really good at the acting and editing side of things as well to make it.

Balloons are another really big fetish. I did a clip recently where I had to blow up over 100 balloons in high shine, slick pantyhose, a high leg bodysuit, hoop earrings and ear defenders. Then I had to burst each one with a different body part. I had red marks all over and the cleanup was horrendous.

How do you price these skits?

So I generally charge $50 to $75 per minute. If somebody can't afford to pay that much then I'm happy to have some wiggle room but obviously I have to get ready, use my own make-up, and the requests are usually specific. Sometimes I need to buy new outfits, too, so that’s an add-on. But my fans have been really kind and loyal.

Is it hard to handle your finances as the requests vary every month?

So it fluctuates. January was a really, really bad month, I saw a decrease of about $5,000 in my pay. I was earning in excess of $30,000 a month before that. But with the way the economy is today, I'm very lucky because I have a very supportive and loyal fanbase. I've had fans that pay my phone bill and my gym membership too. I cater to quite a lot of fetishes, I've got PayPigs who enjoy funding things for me. So there's a lot of avenues you can go down to make up that money.

How has the online sex work space changed since you began?

To be honest, I've had a really good experience. I got in there very early, when the platform was new, so it wasn't anywhere near as saturated as it is now. It was very easy to keep people subscribed, whereas now there’s so many girls to choose from, offering so many different things. You have to constantly think up new ideas and scenarios, and collaborate with other people.

Have the shadow bans on social media impacted your work?

At the moment, there is a new thing that's been going around. There are hackers that are targeting sex workers online – they get your account deactivated for either impersonation or nudity. Even if you have a blue tick and you pay Meta for verification to prove you're a real person, they're finding a way around and you have to pay the hackers around £1500 to get it back.

I've actually had to delete my profile photo on Instagram because AI is constantly searching for faces. It’s absolutely horrendous; there's been such a huge change in the last two years.

SimpWine is priced at £100 a bottle and can be purchased online.