Are you a gallery girl or a bimbo vampire?

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06 Oct 2023
Are you a gallery girl or a bimbo vampire?

The rise and rise of hyper niche aesthetics on TikTok that make us feel like we belong

words Darshita Goyal

Remember when cottagecore was the biggest trend to come out of TikTok? Phew, it’s been a while. Since then we’ve had fairycore and gorpcore, villain era and Fleabag era, that girl, coastal cowgirl, tomato girl, lemon girl, girl math, boy math…and we’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg. Every week, nay every day, the algo tells us we’re a new trend and we can’t help but feel like we belong to a larger community that combs their hair the same way or watches the same episode of Gilmore Girls every October.

After all, the most fulfilling part of the FYP is how it seems to just get you, quirks and chaos included. These hyper niche aesthetics bring main character energy on a boring day by serving up a platter of personality choices. Creators like Hannah Jackson see that these niche characters resonate with TikTokers far and wide, and have built a whole ecosystem of them.

Jackson describes the Gallery Girl as the most interesting person in the room. According to the creator, the Gallery Girl “still subscribes to magazines, she has a tailor and a cobbler that she’s loyal to…and loves a good hair accessory.” Watching this video is like reading your horoscope, even if you have a few traits in common, the idea of being a Gallery Girl is so dreamy that you fit yourself into the other boxes. And Jackson helps you do so, cue the tune of capitalism.

The creator explains that you need Byredo makeup, Refy brow gel and Steve Martin’s book An Object of Beauty to wear this personality well. Similarly, Jackson declared Bimbo Vampire as the makeup look for fall. Nails are long, clawed and painted a deep red, lips are tinted the shade of blood and you smell like Poets of Berlin, a selectively popular perfume from New York. Think iykyk but niche TikTok edition.

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