Tell Me Everything's Eden H. Davies on destiny and the stage experience which changed his life

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16 Dec 2022
Tell Me Everything's Eden H. Davies on destiny and the stage experience which changed his life

The star of ITVX's new teen drama gets his palm read as we look into his future

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words Megan Wallace

Practised all over the world, palmistry analyses the major and minor lines on your hand to divine what they say about you: from how you love to how you live and, possibly, what lies ahead in your future. Inspired by this tradition, Palmistry is our new series where we sit down with some of our favourite names in the worlds of music, fashion and entertainment for a unique looking into what’s in their hearts and destiny — by turning to their palms.

A throwback to the gritty hedonism of Skins, teen drama Tell Me Everything grapples with crises of masculinity, substance abuse and mental health for a new generation after 16-year-old protagonist Jonny is forced to come to terms with the grief of losing his father. Carrying the complex story of Jonny's emotional journey is Eden H. Davies, who celebrated his 18th birthday during the filming of the series. A fresh face in the world of TV, Davies takes us deep into Jonny's world and skilfully shows us the ways that gender roles, social media and coming of age in the 2020s impacts his character's struggles with undiagnosed anxiety and depression and the ways this impacts his relationships with family, friends and self.

It's a heavy role to start off his TV career with, but it's one that Davies portrays with integrity and courage and we're excited to see where he goes next. In order to take a glimpse into that future, we have a look at his palm in an exclusive palm reading session where we learn all about the moment that changed his perspective on life (naturally, it involves acting) and what's on his moodboard for the future.


Would you say you’re more logical or creative?

Definitely more creative, I’m trying to make myself be more logical but I don’t know how I’m doing with that!

What were you like at school?

I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t exactly the model student. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a single piece of homework in my final year of GCSEs, my Mum definitely got fed up of hearing the word "challenging". I’m not very good at applying myself to things I’m not passionate about. I’m trying to get better of it though, that’s pretty much half of life.

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on?

I went backpacking around Vietnam with a friend for a month. I’d never been anywhere outside of Europe and it was a really amazing experience. I haven’t done a lot of travelling before, so it was good to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Are you romantic?

I’d like to think so?

Do you text first?

Not really, it takes a lot for me to do that.


Do you believe in destiny?

I do when everything’s going well! Not sure about it when things are going badly!

Are you a planner or more spontaneous?

More spontaneous definitely. It works better for me.

What’s on your moodboard for the future?

Working on more projects I’m proud of with people I enjoy being with.

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What’s the last book you read?

A play called This Is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan.


What’s a major change you’ve had in your life?

Doing Tell Me Everything! It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I’m pretty used to change but that was a big one.

How many times have you moved city?

Uncountable really, I’ve never stayed anywhere too long. Then again I’ve never moved too far, always around the same sort of area.

What’s one moment that changed your perspective on life?

When I was really young and first stood on stage. I’m aware that’s very cliche but it felt like it was the thing that had been missing for me.

Tell Me Everything is available to stream free on ITVX.

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