Scare-free sundays: escape to the festival of sleep, protest energy bills and curl up for a MUBI night

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24 Jul 2022
Scare-free sundays: escape to the festival of sleep, protest energy bills and curl up for a MUBI night

Kick back and relax with the ultimate pop culture tonic for the Sunday blues

image Jonas McIlwain

words Eve Walker

Weekends are great and all, but as they come to a close, they're often tainted by a weirdly unsettling feeling. Sunday evenings; it's a period where we find ourselves simultaneously anticipating the stresses of Monday morning while grieving the freedom of the weekend. Time seems to speed up as the modern cultural phenomenon that is the “Sunday Scaries” kicks in.

That's why we're providing an antidote. Every Sunday, we bring you a roundup of the week's ICYMI moments. From the news that might make you feel good, to the TV shows to binge and playlists to get lost in. So read on, and get ready to reclaim your Sunday night!


HAPPENING has landed on Mubi – it's Audrey Diwan’s Venice Golden Lion-winning 2021 film set in 1960s France. And yet it could not be more relevant to current conversations regarding reproductive rights. Lead character Anne (impressively played by Anamaria Vartolomei) finds herself pregnant, and goes through extreme physical, emotional, and social stress to access a termination. It's an empathetic, suspense-filled story that champions women's right to choose and having authority over our bodies.


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Alabama rapper Flo Milli has released her debut album, ‘You Still Here, Ho?’ after the success of her critically acclaimed 2020 debut mixtape, ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’. With a global fanbase and half a billion streams racked up, the arrival of the 22-year-old’s debut album has us all squealing. With heavy influence from the early noughties and the pop-rap culture of the 2010s, these bangers will take you right back to the golden age of MTV.


Stressed about energy bills? There is power in protest. The Don’t Pay campaign is urging people to cancel their direct debits from 1 October. If just one million people pledge to stop paying their bills when October comes, energy companies will be at risk of serious trouble and will feel seriously obliged to lobby the Government for a reduction of energy bills.

You can help the movement grow to protect our future. Hand out flyers (you can purchase 500 leaflets for just a fiver, or 50 stickers for £2. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, and join the organiser list on the Don’t Pay website.


East London’s Museum of the Home’s Rooms Through Time galleries have been curated to explore the remedies, potions, folklore, traditions, social norms, myths and magic associated with sleep over the last 400 years. From African Caribbean folklore traditions, to the imagined bedroom of dreams for the 18th century British West Indian heiress Dido Belle, to the morning after 1998 pride, there is so much to experience.

The festival is also part of the museum’s campaign for change, Behind the Door, aiming to both raise awareness and change perceptions of women and families experiencing homelessness.


Common Decency - Susannah Dickey

The author of the critically-acclaimed Tennis Lessons has brought us this wonderfully strange, sad and smart bildungsroman following two women living in the same Belfast apartment block. Lily, after losing her mother, is trapped in a vicious cycle of grief and anger. In the flat upstairs, Siobhán is desperately waiting for attention from the married man she’s having an affair with, barely noticing her downstairs neighbour. But Lily has more than noticed Siobhán, whose life seems perfect from the outside. As her resentment curdles, it changes into something darker…


Common Decency - Susannah Dickey

Common Decency - Susannah Dickey



Hannah Covacic, the designer who has previously designed for Nike ACG's and New Balance and is now working on her own brand OTTI. OTTI’s ethos is to design style focussed garments without compromising on functionality, to encourage women to participate in activities that have been proven to reduce stress and increase levels of positivity, encouraging conscious ownership and product longevity.

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