The key to your next Hinge match? Moon phase compatibility

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07 Mar 2023
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Could the appearance of the moon at the time of your birth explain romantic compatibility? According to TikTok, yes sir

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words Lucy O'Brien

Romanticising the moon is not exactly new to our culture; we've long admired the astrological and mystical beauty of this distant, floating rock. I mean, Frank Sinatra crooned a whole song about flying to the moon and "playing" among the stars (wink, wink) and, many years later, one Stephenie Meyer would pick lunar-inspired names for some of the books in her Twilight franchise (which is, of course, arguably the most epic love story of our time). If that can’t convince you of the moon’s chokehold on the cultural imaginary, I don’t know what will.

But today's new romantics are taking the moon's association with love to new levels. Couples on TikTok are now tracking the moon’s visibility phase at the time of their birth and comparing it to that of their partner’s. As the theory goes, if the alignment of your moon phases match up perfectly, you've found the one for you. And voilà, "moon phase soulmates" are now officially a thing.

What is your moon phase?

Your moon phase refers to the visibility of the moon at the time of your birth. Were you born under a full moon? Or a waxing crescent moon? Or, perhaps, you came into this world under the light of a waning gibbous? Pop off. We often talk about stars aligning, but it was only a matter of time before we turned to the moon to tell us our fate, too.

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How to measure moon phase compatibility

So, want to try gauging moon compatibility at home? Well, if you need a primer on moon phases (a good place to start), NASA offers a handy explainer here. For measuring whether moon phases line up, users on TikTok have been recommending that you download the CapCut video editing app, which is TikTok-compatible, to illustrate their moon phases and compare them against each other.

Just keep in mind, this trend isn't not necessarily about having been born in the same moon face. Rather, it is thought that if your moons line up, complete each other and make a full moon, you’ve secured your soulmate. Believe us, it's more simple than it sounds!

Birth charts at the ready, people!

So forget those pesky “this could be us” Hinge prompts; it’s time to cut to the chase and ask for their birth chart. For those of you out there that let the powers that be among our galaxy’s mysterious, celestial changes rule your love life, it seems like you might just be one step closer to finding your match.

And for those of you who are finding that your long term partners just aren’t providing that perfect moon phase alignment, there's no need to fret: I’m sure there’s an astrological explanation of the fate of your romance out there somewhere.

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