Ginny Lemon on the music that soundtracked their messiest moments

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star shares a playlist packed with bangers from Tina Turner to Joni Mitchell

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photo: Em Jones
Hero image in post
photo: Em Jones

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star shares a playlist packed with bangers from Tina Turner to Joni Mitchell

By Eve Walker02 Jun 2022
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

Ginny Lemon is one of the most beloved and iconic queens from UK Drag Race season 2, and we’ve been blessed with a lively new playlist curated by them especially for Woo. Comedienne, TV personality, spiritualist, singer-songwriter extraordinaire and playlist crafter – Ginny really is a jack of all trades. Their work explores the intersections of being working class, queer and disabled, stealing the hearts of drag lovers everywhere along the way with their famous wit, unique aesthetic and fresh perspective on life.

With a new single Burnt Pizza that dropped everywhere 2 June, Ginny reflects, “Music will always be my saviour, so I wish to honour that and keep making music that other people can enjoy as much as I enjoy being a listener.”

And enjoy it, we must. Their new single absolutely slaps. An ode to burnt pizza and strange penises, it’s a comedy fueled, dance-floor ready gem. The accompanying visuals star Ginny in a yellow gimp suit designed by London-based latex and leather designer Fetish Daddy and custom made croc knee high boots, what’s not to love?

In celebration of the track, Ginny shares their life in music. From beloved Kate Bush songs to the Alexander Burke-soundtracked messy nights out.

A song that helps you unwind

Enya - Orinoco Flow

"Coz it’s one of the best songs ever, that's why!"

Your ultimate lip sync assassin song

Tina Turner - I Can’t Stand The Rain

"It’s one of the most sexy and intoxicating songs I’ve ever heard, it moves through my body like heavy booze."

A guilty pleasure song

Ed Sheeran - Shivers

"I love it and I fucking hate myself for admitting it"

Your summer anthem

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

"It’s a bop, I forget how much of a bop it is. I’m going to have a voracious summer!"

A song that would kickstart a revolution

Edith Piaf - Heaven Have Mercy

"You’ll have to listen to it to find out why. It stirs up a darkness which makes me want to fight"

The song that will liven up any dying dance-floor

DakhaBrakha - За дуби (Za Duby)

"Ukrainian electronic music is where it's at, it has the beat, the vibe… the everything."

A song that reminds you of you at your messiest

Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys

"Drunk in a gross club in Worcester snogging alcoholics, it was the bad boys that were always catching my eye, ooh way, oo ahh."

A song that reminds you of someone you love

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

"This one's for Mr Lemon."

A song you listen to when you’re sad

Joni Mitchell - River

I love sad songs, I love songs that make you cry, this one I like to sing on my own late at night doing what I like to call 'Depressed Karaoke'"

A song you can never get tired of

Tori Amos - Happy Phantom

"I want this song played at my funeral."

A song you’re most excited about playing at The Mighty Hoopla

My new single Burnt Pizza of course!

Ginny Lemon plays The Mighty Hoopla 3 June at 5pm