11 of Jeff Goldblum’s most iconic looks

The internet’s favourite zaddy is living proof that style has no age

Hero image in post
photo: via instagram (@jeffgoldblum)
Hero image in post
photo: via instagram (@jeffgoldblum)

The internet’s favourite zaddy is living proof that style has no age

By Louis Staples16 Jun 2022
5 mins read time
5 mins read time

We’re in the middle of a pop culture moment where male celebrities, from Lil Nas X to Harry Styles and Olly Alexander, are able to live their best lives and be pretty “out there” when it comes to fashion. Right now, some famous men are embracing bold colours, costumic pieces and even dresses.

And it’s not just about younger men, either. In the last few years, Jeff Goldblum has emerged as a fashion hero for men who don’t want to shrink away or blend into the crowd. At 70 years old and towering over six foot, his fashion choices are getting bolder. He has embraced colour, patterns and prints from the likes of Prada, Gucci shirts and Raf Simons too. Andrew Thomas Vottero, Goldblum’s stylist, has definitely played a major role in the actor’s style evolution in recent years for sure.

Most recently, the Jurassic Park star was shot by David Sims in Prada’s AW22 campaign. He also graced the cover of ES Magazine in a bold summer co-ord, and inside the magazine he donned a leopard-print velour tracksuit – hardly garments that are typically associated with most 70-year-old men.

Goldblum’s looks work because he has something money can’t buy: a vibe. We know he thinks he looks great, so it’s easy to agree. There’s a confidence and joy which radiates from him which is impossible not to stan on some level, regardless of personal taste.

So, in honour of Hollywood's best-dressed septuagenarian, here are 11 Jeff Goldblum looks we can’t stop obsessing over.


Remember when Barack Obama sent Fox News et al into meltdown for wearing a tan suit? It was a much simpler time when that was a political controversy. But Goldblum admittedly pulls this off more than the former commander-in-chief. The key here is the printed patterned shirt with its camp collar and thrilling pop of abstract designs to jazz up the entire look. A pair of gold-rimmed Jacques Marie Mage aviator frames top it all off.


Goldblum knows more than most that, sometimes, more really is more. This striped ensemble might not be his most “out there” look, but being brave and bold enough to clash three different stripe fabrics is what makes it work.


Who said monochrome has to be simple and boring? Here, Goldblum channels the wild west in this patterned Prada shirt, made in collaboration with French artist Christophe Chemin. With its Dino print, Jeff aptly captioned this image on IG as ‘survival utopia’.


In this ensemble, Goldblum sports a Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza shirt paired with floral shorts by Pleasures. And how best to complete a look where more is most definitely more? A pair of lime green calf-hair loafers from Marni, naturally.


Continuing the maximalist theme, here we have a scally-meets-disco-inspired look from Goldblum. Again, the combination of a metallic Celine windbreaker with a pair of Dries Van Noten shorts probably wouldn’t suit just anyone, but Goldblum has the vibe to pull them off.


By now we know that, if Goldblum is going to wear a black suit, it’s not going to be the standard, run-of-the-mill formal look. Here we have a collage of different patterns, from the snakeskin tie to zebra-print shoes, which underline Goldblum’s ability to stand out from the crowd.


Couples dressing in coordination will never not be cute. It’s just a fact of life! Here, Goldblum and his wife Emilie Livingston are no exception. Who wore the Prada shirt better? We’ll let you be the judge.


Shortlist Magazine / Stylist Media

Goldblum’s 2017 photoshoot for Shortlist Magazine went viral - and it’s easy to see why. Aside from the actor himself, obviously, his rainbow striped cat jumper was the star of the show: it’s Versace-meets-Kenzo-meets-Pride. And somehow it works.


Goldblum mostly plays “good guys” in his films. But here we see him channelling some sort of sci-fi villain at Sundance Film Festival, dressed in an all-white ensemble with a Prada coat, Gucci blazer and turtleneck, Acne Studios jeans, and Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses. It’s similar to Gaga’s all-white ski ensemble in House of Gucci, where she uttered the infamous line: “I don’t consider myself a particularly ethical person, but I am fair.” In this look, Goldblum looks ready to say similar, all while getting set to take over the world (or try to destroy it from a high-tech space station).


Did someone say “yee haw”? Goldblum’s looks often feature a western-inspired vibe. This head-to-toe satin getup, by Raf Simons for Calvin Klein, feels like something straight out of everyone’s The Power of the Dog fantasy (though it came two years before that, so really Goldblum is the trend-setter).


“Are you wearing th-” “The zebra pants? Yeah”. By now, we know Goldblum isn’t afraid of a little pattern. And these Isabel Marant zebra trousers are a “moment” if ever we’ve seen one. Paired with a biker jacket, there’s something a little “rockstar” about this look. Now that’s how you make an entrance.