Indi supplementsGut-Boosting Body Bar


Indi supplementsGut-Boosting Body Bar

Since 64% of us don't eat the minimum 5 a day and 95% of us are deficient in fibre, the Body Bar offers a healthy, convenient and tasty snack that boosts your daily nutritional intake.

A world of superfoods in every bite.

A raw snack bar made with our bestselling Body superfood powder blend, chopped brazil nuts, almond butter, flax seeds, whole grains, dates and freeze-dried blueberries. We’ve made every bite count in this delicious chewy, nutty, daily hit of gut-boosting greatness, with only 3.9g of natural sugars.

  • Delivers slow-release energy
  • Improves gut health & digestion
  • Adds 22 plants to your diet 
  • Keeps you fuller for longer

100% plant-based. No bulking agents. No artificial additives. No chemical preservatives. Gluten-free and allergen-free. Non-GMO.


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