ConviéThe Velvet Gloss Trio


ConviéThe Velvet Gloss Trio

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A decadent touch for the lips and cheeks. With the Velvet Gloss, transform your complexion into a fresh, radiant finish with just a few simple swipes.

Enriched with Coconut Oil and Sunflower Wax to moisturise, soften, and nourish the lips, The Velvet Gloss envelops the lips and cheeks and provides immediate and lasting comfort. Its unique sensoriality is obtained thanks to a 100% natural silicone which gives a velvety, "peach skin" feel and finish.

This versatile formula is multi-functional for ultimate impact. The creamy formula coats the lips in rich, vibrant colour and can also be dabbed on for a soft-focus finish. Perfectly adjustable, it deposits a veil of powdery colour on the cheeks. The Velvet Gloss is an ideal go-to no matter your needs—go from natural to sophisticated with just a few swipes.

A formula so good that you could eat it (almost!)


Co-Creation is at the heart of Convié's DNA

This product was 100% co-created with our community, from product selection to formula validation, including: scent, shade and name validation. Our members were consulted at every key step of the process to work together to create the best possible product. Co-creation is at the heart of our DNA, and we believe that working together, listening to each other and sharing ideas are the keys to more responsible beauty.

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