Müll ClubYard Sale Pizza Comb

  • Made in the UK
  • Made from recycled plastics
  • Female Founded
  • A comb made from Yard Sale Pizza plastics. This limited edition comb has been created with the waste from one of Londons most popular pizza spots... well, the pizza tables that is.


    Müll partnered up with Yard Sale Pizza and created a blend with the single use plastic waste that unfortunately forms part of the pizza delivery service. 

    If you're familiar with Yard Sale you'll know that the 18" inch pizzas arrive with a bright yellow pizza table. These are unavoidable as they have to keep the ginormous pizzas in place for the delivery. But the bits of plastic are stunning, the vibrant yellow is too beautiful to end up in landfill or incineration, so that's where Müll come in. 

    If you're also obsessed with their vegan garlic mayo... or any of their sauces for that matter; then you'll be familiar with those clear plastic sauce pots.

    Well that plastic is precisely what Müll have used to create these combs, with a sprinkle of other single use plastics to get the well known YSL colours in. 

    Each comb is the equivalent to a large milk bottle and its cap. 

    Due to the recycling process, each product is different and will be unique to you and your home. 

    Every purchase supports the Müll Club mission to recycle directly from the community, within the community. Reducing the mileage of their waste, and reducing their environmental impact.

    Müll Club is redefining the recycling system, instead of relying on a flawed system, where only 12% of the plastic waste created in the UK is recycled in the UK... Müll decided to create their own form of recycling.

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