WooWooSlide It! Water-based Pleasure Lube

  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Female Founded
  • Our luxuriously silky Lube is calling...This silky, water-based formula, will keep things sliding and stimulate your senses! There can be times when your body and mind just aren’t cooperating, so our gentle Lube will keep your sex life (solo or partnered), operating smoothly!


    Safe to use with condoms and toys.

    Provides additional lubrication to help alleviate vaginal dryness. Condom safe & vegan-friendly!

    Usage: Smooth this non-sterile, non-irritating & greaseless lube wherever you like - on your skin, or to the outside of the condom... the wetter the better! 

    Warnings: Read the ingredients list before use.This lube is not a contraceptive & non-spermicidal. If irritation occurs, stop immediately and wash with clean water. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


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