WooWooLighten it! With Shea Butter & Aloe Vera

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  • Hyper-pigmentation? We've got you!

    Hyperpigmentation is a very common dermatological issue that appears as darker patches on the skin - it can be caused by many things like changing hormones, pregnancy & excess sun exposure. It affects people of all skin types - so you're certainly not alone. If you do wish to have a more even skin tone, there are a lot of harmful DIY’s out there! This is why we've developed our lightening cream that is plant-based, dermatologically tested and paraben-free, so that you can ditch the DIY and opt for WooWoo.


    You can use our Lighten It! Cream all over the body, on any area you wish to get a more even skin tone. Our technically advanced formula with natural Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, works alongside a unique cosmetic drone that targets melanin to reduce skin discolouration.

    Oh, and we forgot to mention, Lighten It! works as a fabulous (and most importantly, safe) bum bleach - change your ring tone by applying twice a day!

    Use a good SPF Sunscreen where you use Lighten It! (except your bum, of course)

    Lighten It! is plant-based, dermatologically tested, and paraben-free!

    40ml tube.


    Apply cream twice a day until desired colour is achieved.

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