La PochetteWet Bag Large

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  • A completely waterproof bag for your wet swimwear.


    Waterproofing for your fit life, the La Pochette Wet Bag offers a triple lock system to ensure reliable, leak proof storage of wet swimwear and sports kit on the beach or at the pool.

    The multi compartment bag features a generous waterproof main pouch with full width opening for easy retrieval of belongings and a partitioned back pocket to allow dry belongings to be stored simultaneously without damage. 

    Lightweight and compact in design, the Wet Bag is extremely portable and can be carried clutch-style, by its detachable silicone wristlet or stored within larger bags and hold luggage – the perfect waterproof packing solution for holiday departures.

    Our signature fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, machine washable at low temperatures - a sustainable and more practical alternative to single use plastic bags dispensed in swimming pools and spas.


    - Walnut Neon Green

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