FlanerieVivifying Serum

  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Working to prevent and reduce the first signs of ageing, the antioxidant action of this serum helps to counteract the effects of free radicals, redefine the contour of the face and stimulate cellular renewal


    Scent: Lily Bloom

    • Clear your mind and start your morning fresh with Lily Bloom.
    • Inspired by the slow mornings we all crave, Lily Bloom will inspire you to wake up and wander the city, to pick up a coffee and pastry from your local bakers, before sitting and enjoying them all at once while the morning light shines through.
    • The fresh fruity and floral scent is combined with soothing notes of lily, orange, rose and white musk.

    Mindful beauty: Flânerie aims to elevate life’s simple pleasures through formulas enriched with textures and scents that take you on a journey of exploration.

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