BAVEUltimate Bath Soak + Salt Set

  • Made in the UK
  • Soothe the skin in brilliantly scented bubbles and relax, recover and recharge body and mind with this set featuring all 6 of our essential oil infused Bath Soaks plus our 4 naturally restorative Bath Salts.



    1x 500ml bottle of Bergamot & Cedarwood Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Frankincense & Black Pepper Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Tobacco & Vanilla Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Eucalyptus & Orange Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Peppermint & Sage Bath Soak.

    1x 500ml bottle of Pomegranate & Plum Bath Soak.

    1x 400g bottle of Epsom Bath Salts.

    1x 400g bottle of Magnesium Bath Salts.

    1x 400g bottle of Dead Sea Bath Salts.

    1x 400g bottle of Pink Himalayan Bath Salt.

    The BAVE Guide: the ultimate bathing bible.

    A collectable BAVE Rubber Duck.



    Bergamot & Cedarwood: Warm and woody scent of Cedarwood enhanced by the citrusy, floral qualities of refreshing Bergamot.

    Frankincense & Black Pepper: Soothing fragrance of Frankincense paired with spicy, fruity and floral hints of Black Pepper.

    Tobacco & Vanilla: Rich masculine base note of Tobacco Leaf paired with, and highlighted by, warm and comforting Vanilla.

    Eucalyptus & Orange: Cool and invigorating Eucalyptus paired perfectly with sweet and citrusy tones derived from Orange.

    Peppermint & Sage: Cool and refreshing Peppermint perfectly combined with the earthy, herbal notes of Sage.

    Pomegranate & Plum: Fruity and smooth Pomegranate perfectly enhanced by the indulgent notes of Plum.

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